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5 Ways to Relieve Neck Pain and Headaches

Did you know neck pain causes headaches? In this article, learn how neck pain causes headaches and how to find relief through easy stretching exercises.

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How to Fix Bad Posture with 10 Simple Exercises

Learn about the four main types of bad posture and our video that guides you through 10 simple exercises you can do to help fix bad posture.

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6 Simple Stretches for Sciatica and Hip Pain Relief

Here are some quick, guided stretches for sciatica and hip pain. Combining gentle stretching with inversion therapy is a natural way, non-invasive way to help relieve the pain.

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4 Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

Here are four desk stretches you can do at your office, no equipment needed! Stretching helps your body fight the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

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How to Prevent and Correct Forward Head Posture

Correct Forward Head Posture in Only 4 Minutes a Day! Forward head posture used to be one of the obvious signs of aging. That's not the case anymore.

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Top 3 Foam Roller Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Follow these easy instructions to learn the best foam rolling stretches for back pain relief and how to safely foam roll the lower back.

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5 Stretches to Do at Your Standing Desk

Sitting less and moving more helps prevent the downsides of a sedentary lifestyle. Learn easy ways to add movement to your day - right at your desk!

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