Sciatica and hip pain can be debilitating. Due to the pain, simple tasks such as walking, bending, or even standing upright can feel difficult or impossible. If you are experiencing this pain and considering surgery, you may want to first consider a natural, non-invasive way to help relieve the pain. Consult your doctor about inversion therapy, a gentle decompressive stretch that will literally turn your world upside down.

The connection between hip pain and sciatica

Think of your nervous system as a network of high-speed highways that transport information throughout your body. The sciatic nerves (there’s one on each side of your body) are the largest highways in your system. Beginning at your lower back, those nerves run through your buttocks, hips, and down the thigh. Sciatica is a symptom of any traffic accidents along the way.

Learn more about the causes of sciatica and how to find relief.

Hip pain is one of the most common symptoms of sciatica due to the hip joint’s proximity to the sciatic nerve. A crucial part of staying pain-free with sciatica is staying flexible. Gentle stretching and moving as much as possible will keep your hips flexible. Stretching your hips also relieves pressure on the sciatic nerve, reducing the chance of pain. It’s important to note that all hip pain may not be sciatica-related. Therefore, always consult with your physician before starting any new exercise routines or treatment.

How does hanging upside down help relieve sciatica and hip pain?

Inversion therapy can help your back, hip and leg muscles stretch, lengthen and relax. When you relax your body, your spine is able to decompress, giving your pinched nerves much-needed space and pain relief. Regular inversion can help provide life-changing and long-lasting relief for those with sciatica. A recent study showed that people who inverted regularly on a Teeter Inversion Table were 70.5% less likely to need surgery for their sciatica.

What stretches are good for sciatica and hip pain relief?

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