Working 8+ hours at a desk every day can have significant negative effects on your health. In addition to taking breaks to walk around (even if it’s just to the water cooler and back), stretching is a critical part of fighting off the “sitting disease” while working in an office.

Stretching at Your Desk Means Less Pain

The number one complaint by desk workers who are sitting all day is that of lower back and neck pain. By stretching and staying flexible, you can eliminate or significantly reduce work-based strain.

Stretching in the Office Promotes a Longer Life Expectancy

Sitting has been linked to a number of health conditions such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. Moving throughout the day may help you avoid these risks. Stretching allows you to release tension in overworked muscles while reducing the risk for overcompensation from stronger muscles. What’s more, stretching helps to reset length-tension relationships between working muscles. This means that muscles will be at their correct length without tightness and you’ll notice the benefits of this in your day-to-day life. If possible, switching to a Sit-Stand Desk will help as well.

Here are four desk stretches you can do at your office, no equipment needed!


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