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Core Strengthening Exercises to Improve Back Pain and Posture

Here are seven core strengthening exercises you can do to improve stability and support around the spine, reducing back pain and improving posture.

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Do Inversion Tables Work? Dr. Fryer Explains

What does it actually mean to decompress your spine? Dr. Jerome Fryer explains how inversion tables work to decompress your spine and relieve back pain.

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Could Driving Be Causing Your Back Pain?

CEO Rylie Teeter explains how your car seat & posture can cause back pain while driving. The Teeter Core Restore provides lower back support while driving.

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Top 3 Foam Roller Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Follow these easy instructions to learn the best foam rolling stretches for back pain relief and how to safely foam roll the lower back.

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The Benefits of Using an Anti-Fatigue Mat

When you stand on an anti-fatigue mat, your leg muscles make constant imperceptible movements to counteract the instability of the cushioned mat, maintaining blood flow throughout your body.

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