Massage Foam Roller – 13 or 26 inch


Recovery Journey:

The second stage of the recovery journey focuses on improving muscle and myofascial health.

Serious muscle pain relief and recovery

The Teeter Massage Foam Roller delivers a deep tissue massage whenever you need it so you can erase muscle tension, boost recovery and improve flexibility of your back, hips and legs. Like having your own massage therapist, the firm, textured surface stimulates circulation and relieves sore muscles while YOU control the pressure for comfortable and quick pressure-point relief.

With two intensities to choose from that vary in both firmness and texture, Teeter Foam Rollers cater to rolling novices or advanced users. Unlike flat-surface rollers with inflexible surfaces, the textured Teeter Massage Foam Roller kneads your muscles, working the soft tissue in multiple directions to target trigger points and speed muscle recovery.

The rigid, hollow plastic core wrapped in foam provides firm support and unmatched durability that doesn’t lose its shape after heavy use. For a fraction of the cost of a professional massage, follow the included guide to learn the most effective self-myofascial release techniques for relaxation and recovery at home.

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Deep Tissue, Trigger-Point Release
The textured rolling surface delivers a massage that relieves sore muscles, erodes scar tissue and stimulates blood flow, effectively releasing tension and trigger-points for faster recovery time and pain relief.

Posture Training
Beyond the restorative benefits to your muscles, the Teeter Foam Massage Roller is an ideal stretching tool to combat slouched, rounded shoulders and return the head to neutral position.

Enhances Decompression & Workout Recovery
An invaluable and versatile addition to your fitness arsenal, use the roller to warm up your muscles prior to inverting on a Teeter to prime your back for decompression, or integrate into your pre-workout routine to improve mobility or post-workout to reduce sore muscles and speed recovery!

Teeter Massage Foam Roller for muscle pain relief and recovery
Teeter Massage Foam Roller for muscle pain relief and recovery


Choose Your Size

The 26″ Massage Foam Roller is a versatile option ideal for use at home. The extra length offers more stability for rolling larger muscle groups such as the widest part of your back or both legs at the same time. The 13″ Massage Foam Roller offers easy, portable relief and works well to conform to smaller areas like arms and calves.

Choose Your Intensity

The blue roller is the gentler option, designed with subtle “wavy” ridges and slightly less firm foam wrapping. The gray roller is more firm, with a “bumpy” design that mimics fingertips for deeper, more focused pressure-point relief.

Teeter Massage Foam Roller for muscle pain relief and recovery


Durable Core & Materials
With its patented firm polypropylene plastic core wrapped in coated PU foam, the Teeter Massage Foam Roller offers a latex-free and bacteria-resistant, waterproof design that maintains its shape and firmness to withstand the test of time. (Patents: 9,345,921; 9,539,167; and 9;656;112).

Included Guide
Developed in partnership with a Corrective Exercise Specialist, the guide demonstrates proper myofascial techniques to aid in recovery and improve range of motion and flexibility.

Teeter Massage Foam Roller for muscle pain relief and recovery

The Journey to Recovery

Stage 2: Improve muscle and myofascial health

Chronically tight muscles and knots don’t release easily – they need help with the right tools. Muscles need to expand and contract fully for proper circulation and the flow of nutrients that is vital for flushing pain-causing waste out of the muscles. Muscle rolling, self-massage and myofascial release tools help prepare the body for movement, accelerate recovery, minimize muscular imbalances and improve overall flexibility. Most importantly, taking care of our muscles and fascia allows us to enhance the benefits of decompression for better overall results in your pain recovery.




Teeter is fueled by the passion of one man who turned his own struggles with back pain into a life-changing solution for millions of people worldwide. Since 1981, Roger Teeter has fulfilled a mission to produce the best inversion tables in the business, with premium components and innovative design features that are a cut above the rest. The same uncompromising quality standards that have made a name for Teeter Inversion Tables are applied throughout the entire line of functional fitness and recovery solutions.

Teeter products are truly built for the benefits, designed to help you to Feel better, Move better and Live better®. Trust Teeter for a better back, better body.

Additional Information


13 inch

Product Weight:2.5 lb. (1.13 kg)
Product Dims:13 in. x 5 in x 5 in
33 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm
Package Dims:

13.8 in. x 5.5 in. x 5.5 in.
35 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm

Item Number:

Less firm (blue/wavy) – FR1301
More firm (gray/bumpy) – FR1311

26 inch

Product Weight:4.8lb. (2.17 kg)
Product Dims:26 in. x 5 in. x 5 in.
66 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm
Package Dims:

26.6 in. x 5.5 in. x 5.5 in.
67 cm x 14 cm x 14 cm

Item Number:

Less firm (blue/wavy) – FR2601
More firm (gray/bumpy) – FR2611


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