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#GivingTuesday: We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You

Teeter was able to donate $5,000 to Childhaven this month thanks to your help! We donated $50 for every Special Edition EP-560 Ltd. sold. Your help lets Childhaven provide healing care to abused, neglected and chemically affected babies, toddlers and preschoolers, helping them build a trusting relationship with adults. Parents also benefit with Childhaven’s help to [...]

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How Teeter Employees Stay Healthy

We all know that working full time and spending time with family leaves little room for eating healthy and regular exercise. At Teeter corporate, we believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Teeter team members work hard to help others to feel, move, and live better - but how do they do [...]

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Introducing Teeterlink – the Free Back Pain Tracker and Inversion Guide App

Teeter users now have the ability to not only relieve back pain, but also inspire healthy choices for an active lifestyle with the FREE TeeterLink app! Teeterlink is the ONLY program that allows Teeter users to customize their inversion experience, track pain levels and triggers, and make a plan for improvement! Compatible with all [...]

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The History of Teeter

Teeter has had a rich history of using inversion therapy as a method for providing low back pain treatment and helping people keep an active lifestyle. What's more impressive than Teeter's past is its future potential. Check out our history to see where we've been and where we may be going in the [...]

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Inversion Tables: Comparing the Competition

One inversion table may look the same as the next, but buyer beware--looks may be deceiving. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user protection and reliable function. The disparity in product quality among inversion tables was emphasized by a 2010 study performed by Dynamark Engineering, an independent product [...]

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Our Commitment to Quality

What does it mean when a product is UL Listed? UL marks are found on many different types of consumer goods indicating that they have met the safety testing and certification process created for that product category by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). "Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product [...]

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Q & A With Roger Teeter: Upper Back Pain

Pain in the thoracic part of the spine is especially challenging since it is where all the ribs are attached and it is not as mobile as the lower lumbar spine or the upper cervical spine. Inversion is still the best answer as it provides progressive decompression. Each joint being decompressed by exactly the [...]

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Why the US Army Trusts Teeter

It should come as no surprise that soldiers in the US Army regularly take their bodies to the limit and often well beyond. Their training is intense and joint compression injuries, such as herniated or bulged discs, sciatica and general back pain issues are common. After six years of research, the U.S. Army [...]

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