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John Keeps Back Pain at Bay Thanks to Teeter

Pets get sick, injured, or have pain just like we do. When that happens, we take our pets to Veterinarians like John who spend all day on their feet caring for pets. Unfortunately for him, doing so has taken its toll on his body; “It’s just a constant, chronic nagging [...]

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Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Steedman’s Story

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steedman is no stranger to back pain. Not only does he see patients who suffer from chronic pain but he himself has a spinal condition that gave him severe back pain. He found relief only after inverting on a Teeter Inversion Table on a regular basis. After [...]

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Teeter Helps Nurse Billi Lead a Healthier Life

Billi understands back pain from both her medical background as a nurse and from personal experience. She was diagnosed with degenerative back issues when she was only 20. Though the pain was constant, she says that it’s, “made better by the Teeter.” Being a nurse, Billi knows why Teeter [...]

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Teeter’s Commitment to You

Teeter was founded 35 years ago with the mission to help people enjoy life without back pain – a vision that we work diligently to continue today. Hear why it is Teeter’s ongoing commitment to help transform lives through the words of our CEO, Rylie Teeter and her father and founder, Roger [...]

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Teeter Had a Profound Impact on Kevin’s Life

Kevin Laramore’s shooting back pain has not only diminished his quality of life but it also affected his relationship with his family. As Kevin’s wife, Katie puts it; “that was hard to watch” as Kevin was physically incapable of playing with his children like he would want to. It [...]

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