FAQ: Invert How Long And How Often?

The most common questions we receive are “How long should I invert?” and “How often should I invert?” You’ll find tips that address each question below… but truly, the best answer is to always listen to your own body and do what feels most comfortable to you!

How Long Should I Invert?

The answer depends on you! You should begin with 1-2 minutes per session and advance only as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that frequency (inverting more often) is more important than duration (inverting for longer periods of time).

Over time, work up to 3-5 minutes or as long as it takes for your muscles to relax and release. While there is no predetermined time limit for using your inversion table, it’s important to listen and respond to your body and remember that inversion is about relaxation and enjoyment.

How Often Should I Invert?

To achieve maximum results, we recommend routinely inverting with the Teeter several times a day. Inversion is a great morning wake-up or evening wind-down in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Incorporate inversion into your fitness routine as a way to recover from high impact, compressive, or rotational activities. Or use your Teeter simply as a go-to tool for occasional relief from back pain and tension.

Optimize your inversion experience

There are several ways to improve your inversion experience:

  • Massaging key muscles with the T3 Massager or rolling on a Foam Roller primes your body for a better stretch.
  • Adding Acupressure Nodes to your Teeter offers customized pressure-point relief, helping to release tension, increase circulation, and relieve muscle discomfort while you invert.
  • The pulse and vibration from a Vibration Cushion can enhance inversion benefits by helping to temporarily relieve muscle tension and improving surface circulation.
Teeter Inversion is a leader in the industry, setting quality standards for inversion equipment. Teeter Inversion tables are FDA-cleared for back pain and related conditions.
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