One of the features that truly sets any Teeter Inversion Table apart from other brands is the precision balancing. This is in no small part due to what we call “roller hinges,” the parts that connect the table bed to the A-frame base.

The roller hinges are stronger and last longer than any other on the market (backed by these engineer tests), plus the roller bearings that rotate the bed are coated with a special material that ensures smooth, quiet rotation. The three hole settings in each roller hinge allow you to adjust the inversion table’s responsiveness for your body type and are precisely calibrated to allow effortless rotation control with subtle arm movements – the key to ensuring a relaxing, effective inversion experience with your Teeter inversion table.

The below video is an excerpt from a Teeter instructional DVD, explaining more about how the roller hinge settings work:

The three roller hinge settings are:

  • Setting “A” (the hole closest to hinge point of your roller hinges)
    • This setting is for those under 220 lbs who would like their Teeter Inversion Table to lock out in full inversion or for those with very light statures who require a very responsive bed rotation.
  • Setting “B” (the center hole)
    • This setting is the most utilized by Teeter users, as it is moderately responsive for most people. In this setting, most people under 220 lbs will not be able to not lock-out in full inversion. Those over 220 lbs who want to lock-out in full inversion should use this setting.
  • Setting “C” (the hole furthest from the hinge point of your roller hinge)
    • This setting is the least responsive and where we suggest all users start as they become familiar with inversion. In this setting, most users will be unable to lock-out in full inversion.
This post is for reference and convenience only – all users should refer to the printed materials and DVD that came with your Teeter Inversion Table before use. These materials provide all information necessary for secure and smooth operation.
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