New inverters may experience mild disorientation or dizziness, which are typically temporary symptoms caused by the sudden shift in the balance structures in the inner ear. This may be caused by inverting too quickly or simply by inverting at all if your body is sensitive to changes in balance/orientation.

Luckily, our bodies are very adaptable and most people will eventually get used to the motion of inverting with little to no discomfort. In the rare case that symptoms persist or lead to more severe vertigo or extreme nausea, then discontinue use.

Here are 4 tips to introducing your body to inversion and avoiding dizziness:

Don’t try to do too much, too soon

That means no full inversion (90 degrees) your first time! Instead, pre-set your Angle Tether to a gentler angle such as 20 or 30 degrees. Once you become comfortable at that angle, gradually progress to greater angles over a period of time. Eventually, you’ll want to work up to about 60 degrees (the angle of the rear legs) to decompress.

Invert often

Short inversion sessions multiple times a day will give you the best chance to train your inner ear to the feeling of the upside down world.

Return upright slowly

As you rotate upright, be sure to stop at the horizontal position (0 degrees) for 30 to 60 seconds or more. This allows your inner ear and your back to readjust to being upright.

Listen to your body

It is important that you give your body a break if you begin to feel disoriented. Rotate upright for a few minutes, and try again when you’re ready. Remember patience is key while starting inversion therapy. It may take a few weeks for you to become acclimated to the rotation and to remain at an inverted position for enough time (typically 3-5 minutes) to experience decompression benefits. Listen to your body and be patient, and you’ll be an inversion pro in no time!


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