Teeter Inversion Tables are precision balanced so that you are in complete control over the angle at which you want to invert. This balancing becomes very handy as you start your back pain relief journey on your Teeter. You don’t want to do too much, too soon. 20 degrees is all you need to start feeling the benefits.

Think 20 degrees isn’t enough? Try it out first and you’ll notice that you’ll start to relax, relieve stress, and your spine will elongate. Don’t worry, after starting slow, working with your body, and gradually working up to greater angles like 60 degrees, you’ll be an expert inverter in no time!

See what our founder, Roger Teeter has to say about how easy Teeter Inversion Tables are to use!

Teeter Inversion is a leader in the industry, setting quality standards for inversion equipment. Teeter Inversion tables are the ONLY brand that is both UL safety certified and 510(k) registered with the FDA.
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