Many people come to us post-surgery, realizing that undergoing more aggressive treatment for their back pain still has not helped the problem. As a result, we have many people asking us if it is safe to invert if they have fused vertebrae.

While we have heard anecdotal stories of customers inverting under the care or advice of their doctor after they are fully healed from this type of procedure, there are are many types of fusion surgeries with a variety of levels of success.

Ultimately you and your healthcare professional must discuss the possibility of inverting and decide if it is advisable for your particular situation. If your healthcare professional is unfamiliar with inversion therapy, you can direct him or her to these relevant medical studies about inversion therapy. Also go over these contraindications for inversion before considering inversion of any kind..

If you are cleared by your doctor to invert, we recommend that you take it slow at first to allow your body to become accustomed to the movement. Invert at a shallow angle that is comfortable for you, such as 20-30 degrees. Once you become comfortable at that angle, you can progressively increase your angle and duration to experience more benefits, gradually working up to 60 degrees to achieve full decompression of the spine.

It is also important that you return upright slowly and stop at horizontal or just above to allow your back to gently re-compress before returning fully upright. This will help your body reorient itself to the upright position. As always, we stress that inversion should be a comfortable experience. If you experience any pain while inverting, you should slowly return upright and discontinue use.

Use Teeter to Relieve Back Pain Naturally Even with a Fused Vertebrae

Inverting daily on a Teeter is one of the very few ways one can seek to reduce back pain naturally. Inverted traction takes the pressure off the spongy discs in your spine so you can decompress – this helps reduce pressure and back pain.

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