Burn calories in comfort with the Teeter FreeStepTM

The FreeStepTM Recumbent Cross Trainer is the newest addition to the Teeter fitness solutions lineup, bringing a new level of ease to exercising in your own home with a stress-free, zero-impact cardio and strength workout.

Delivering the benefits of commercial-grade equipment used in physical therapy clinics, the FreeStep offers an effective full body workout for any age or fitness level. The unique striding motion follows a smooth linear path to eliminate the stress on your knees, hips, and back while still engaging the legs and glutes for maximum comfort and calorie burn.

“We asked our customers what they wanted in an exercise machine and we gave it to them,” said Roger Teeter, founder of Teeter. “More than just a cross trainer, the FreeStep offers a more comfortable way to exercise and get the results you want.”

Adds Rylie Teeter-Leier, CEO of Teeter, “For nearly four decades, Teeter has been about giving back pain sufferers their health and life back, and the FreeStep continues that tradition. Many people struggle with fitness because of the impact and stress traditional exercise machines have on their back and joints, so we built a machine to eliminate that barrier and offer everyone a safe and effective way to get stronger on their journey to recovery and health.”

Core Benefits

  • Impact-Free — The FreeStep enhances recumbent exercise with its patented stride technology, a unique linear stepping motion that prevents the knees from traveling over the toes and stabilizes the back and hips for an exceptionally stress-free workout.
  • Cardio & Strength in One — Dual power motion means that you get a full body workout. The unique stepping motion mimics a leg press for maximum isolation of the glutes, quads and hamstrings, while the synchronized handles adjust to sculpt and tone the biceps, triceps and back.
  • Less Muscle Fatigue — Easily shift muscle exertion or isolate your arms and legs so no one muscle group gets burned out – making the workout feel easier while allowing you to go longer or harder to burn more calories and get faster results.
  • Customized Fit & Function — The whisper-quiet system adjusts from lower to higher intensity with one simple dial, and the wide reclining seat back and multi-grip handles allow you to position your body for optimal posture, muscle engagement and comfort.


Early buyers of the FreeStepTM are loving it:

I needed something that could give me a good cardio workout and still be kind to my joint injury of the week, especially my knees. I also needed something that has a small footprint. The FreeStep fits the bill perfectly.

Ernst V.

I can get an aerobic workout without aggravating my back and it’s so quiet that I can watch TV without interference or without having to worry about disturbing others.

Kelvin B.

It’s comfortable and works both my upper and lower body. I can consistently use it for 1 hour each day.

Lynn S.

Getting Started

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Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer Lower Body Exercises

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