Boost recovery, increase flexibility and minimize soreness with the new Teeter Massage Foam Rollers!

Foam rolling is a practical and affordable way to achieve a deep tissue massage to relieve tense muscles and speed up the healing process.

The textured rolling surface of the Teeter Massage Foam Rollers enhances these benefits, allowing for more precise muscle targeting to break up scar tissue, stimulate blood flow, and effectively release tension and trigger-points for faster rehabilitation and pain relief.

“We designed the Massage Foam Rollers to target those tight muscles and knots that limit the body’s ability to decompress and recover properly,” said Teeter CEO Rylie Teeter-Leier. “The raised ridges of the rollers are intended to mimic the fingers of a massage therapist to offer a more affordable in-home solution for myofascial release.”

Our rollers are designed with two unique textures and intensities, each delivering a different pressure type for your massage needs. The blue roller is the gentler option, designed with subtle “wavy” ridges and softer foam wrapping for a more relaxing experience. The firm, gray roller provides more pressure with raised knobs for deeper, more focused relief.

For optimal results, integrate foam rolling into your pre-workout routine to improve mobility and range of motion, and post-workout to reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery. You can also use the roller to warm up your muscles prior to inverting on a Teeter to prime your back for decompression by working out the ‘knots’ beforehand, allowing for a deeper stretch and effortless back pain relief.

Daily foam rolling will prepare the body for movement and reduce the risk of tears and strains, as well as prevent deep knots and inflammation from building up over time – especially from extended periods of sitting.

Built to last, the rigid, hollow core is wrapped with PU foam providing a firmer base for myofascial release and maintaining shape and firmness through heavy usage.

“As a leader in back and joint pain relief, we aim to offer the most effective solutions for every stage of the recovery journey,” said Teeter-Leier on adding the Massage Foam Rollers to Teeter’s growing line of recovery products – which offers a range of massage and stretching tools to help people feel better, move better and live better.

Choose your Foam Rolling Experience

Both Massage Foam Rollers come in two sizes – the extra length of the 26” roller provides more control while targeting larger muscle groups and the shorter 13″ roller allows for more precise targeting of smaller muscle groups and is lightweight and portable to foam roll on-the-go.

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