Recumbent bikes are a popular choice among people who suffer from knee and joint pain, offering a low-impact way to be active and burn calories. Most top-of-the-line recumbent bikes are at least double the price of the Teeter FreeStepTM, but lacking many of the features and benefits. We designed the FreeStep to be a more effective and affordable solution – burning more calories in less time, with more customization options so you can adjust your workouts as you get stronger.

Here is a look at how the new Teeter FreeStepTM improves on the benefits of the most popular recumbent exercise bikes like the Sole LCR, Precor RBK 615, and 3G Cardio Elite RB.

Study Shows FreeStep Burns More Calories Than Recumbent BikesTeeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider the FreeStep is the fact that a recent comparison study1 showed that participants burned 17.4% MORE CALORIES than a recumbent bike at the SAME LEVEL OF EXERTION! This is big news. It means that the FreeStep makes better use of your time – you can burn the same amount of calories in 5.8 workouts than you would in 7 workouts on a recumbent bike!

Faster Results with Dual Power Motion

Unlike other recumbent options, the FreeStep combines the upper and lower body into one impact-free motion that is easier on the joints than typical cardio machines, with the ability to target various muscle groups for strength and conditioning. It utilizes push-pull mechanics to build and define all major muscle groups, and by incorporating both leg and arm strength (dual power motion), muscle exertion is evenly distributed throughout the body so you can work out longer without getting tired.

Easier on the Joints

The circular motion of recumbent bikes can actually cause more harm and pain on the knees and joints despite being low-impact. FreeStep Patented Stride Technology prevents knee shear, following a unique linear path that prevents the knees from traveling over the toes while stabilizing the hips and back. In a recent Consumer Perception Survey, 93% of participants said the FreeStep delivers less stress on the knees and back than other cardio options.

Versatility and Muscle Targeting

Working out the same way day in and day out becomes boring. No one wants a boring workout, so choosing a machine that allows you to change it up and progress as you get stronger and more fit will keep you motivated and on track! The FreeStep offers muscle targeting by letting you isolate your legs or arms to add intensity or reposition the handles to target biceps, triceps and back muscles. Standard recumbent bikes lack synchronized handles and have no way to work your upper body for a more customizable workout.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the FreeStep vs the most popular recumbent bike machines.

FreeStepTMSole LCRPrecor RBK 6153G Cardio Elite RB
Product Weight110 lb145 lb218 lb137 lb
Footprint54" x 38"57" x 30"66" x 23"49" x 27"
Money Back Guarantee60 Days30 Days + 8% fee30 Days + shipping30 Days + shipping
Multi-Pay Option12 x $66**
Patented Stride Technology
Muscle Targeting
Protects Knees & Joints
Upper & Lower Body Workout
Adjustable Seat & HandlesSeat OnlySeat OnlySeat Only
Magnetic Resistance

Benefits of Magnetic Resistance:

• Whisper-quiet and smooth operation
• Reliable with little-to-no maintenance ever needed
• A wider range of resistance settings to make your workout more challenging over time
• Intensity controlled with one simple dial

While most magnetic resistance machines tend to be the more expensive options, the FreeStep was designed to offer all the same benefits at a more affordable price.

At Teeter, it’s our mission to make fitness and recovery easy and comfortable for all ages and fitness levels, that’s why we designed the Teeter FreeStep – a stress-free zero impact home exercise machine.

The comfortable and naturally-reclined seated position reduces body fatigue and eliminates the stress on your joints and back while the unique pedal motion and synchronized handles deliver a full fat-burning cardio workout.

Click below to learn more about the unique features and benefits of the FreeStep that you won’t find with any other cardio options.


Exercise Now. Pay Later.

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