Let’s talk about the lower body. While you may think you just sit on the FreeStep and pedal, you can actually introduce more variation in your stride.

You have the ability to stride forward OR backward, which targets different muscle groups in the legs. You can also add intensity by striding with one leg or resting your arms altogether and just working your legs. And don’t forget that you’re able to adjust the push ratio (the amount of force you use for your legs to push the pedals versus your arms to push the handles) to adjust focus and intensity. Here are just a few variations you can try on your FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer:

Forward Rotation

Target Muscles: Quads

When you pedal forward, your quads (the front of
your thighs) and your glutes are fully engaged.
The unique downward motion of the FreeStep is
similar to doing a seated leg press and isolates the
largest muscles in the legs so that you can push
with more force and build muscle where it counts.

Teeter FreeStep Muscle Targeting Quads

Reverse Rotation

Target Muscles: Hamstrings

When you reverse the motion to pedal backward,
you work the hamstrings on the back of your
thighs as well as your hip extensors by pushing
down through the heel to straighten the back leg.
Alternating between forward and backward
motion will add variety to your workout and burn
more calories with less fatigue.

Teeter FreeStep Muscle Targeting

Single Leg Pedal

Crank up the intensity and isolate one of your legs for a serious fat-burning and strength-building leg workout.

Use the handles for assistance, but really focus on driving with your legs, alternating between left and right every 20-30 seconds.

Recumbent Cross Trainer Teeter FreeStep

Isolate Legs

Give your arms a rest and focus solely on pedaling with your legs. This will force more muscles in your legs to activate and work harder.

Again, alternate between forward and reverse motion to target various muscles.

Recumbent Cross Trainer Teeter FreeStep

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