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5 Self-Care Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

Happy holidays! It's officially the most joyful (and stressful) time of the year. Between the family obligations, shopping, cooking, traveling, holiday parties, and work - it can be difficult to make time for yourself. It's no wonder so many of us come down with the cold or flu during the holiday season. Not [...]

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Could Driving Be Causing Your Back Pain?

Article by Rylie Teeter, CEO I rent cars a lot and I can’t believe how the seats in different cars impact the way my back and neck feel.  Who are they designing these seats for anyway? To be in good posture our shoulder blades should sit flat on our back and head should sit [...]

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Benefits of Myofascial Release and Foam Rolling

Article by Rylie Teeter, CEO Foam rolling and myofascial release is all the rage, and for good reason.  However, it’s not just for athletes that want better performance - yes it can improve your game, but the benefit for the muscles and fascia can be a game changer for just about anyone. I personally [...]

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Top Tips for Finding Headache Relief

Article by Rylie Teeter, CEO Headaches – I know them well.  At one point in my life, I was suffering from headaches more often than not. As the daughter of Roger Teeter, I understand that treating symptoms doesn’t bring long-term results, so I started my journey to get to the source of the problem.  It [...]

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What Does a Foam Roller Do and How Can It Help?

A foam roller is a performance and recovery tool that offers an effective and affordable way to achieve a deep tissue massage. Foam rolling releases painful knots and stimulates blood flow to enhance performance and speed up the healing process. In a nutshell, foam rolling can help with: Chronic back pain Stiffness from [...]

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5 Tips for Pain-Free Travel

Whether you're visiting family, cruising Route 66 or exploring Europe, traveling is an exciting experience. However, those who suffer from back pain know that pain-free travel by plane, train or car can be challenging to achieve. Follow these simple travel tips to keep back pain at bay and stay energized on-the-go: [...]

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5 Tips to Relax and Relieve Stress In Minutes

Stuck in the moment? Need to unwind? Feeling the stress hormones running through your body? Sure… there are many long-term fixes for easing your stress, but sometimes you just need to feel better right now. 1. Unplug Get away from your phone, the TV or anything else electronic. If possible, go outside and [...]

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