Exciting new research shows that people in their 70s who exercise regularly have the heart, lung, and muscle fitness of healthy people in their early 40s.

This study conducted by Ball State University’s Human Performance Laboratory compared three groups of people: 75-year-old regular exercisers, 75-year-old irregular exercisers, and 25-year-old regular exercisers.

The results revealed that the people who exercised regularly for decades had significantly better health, feeling 30 years younger than the 75-year-olds who didn’t exercise.

What’s more, Scott Trappe, the director of Ball State’s Human Performance Laboratory, reported that researchers were surprised to find the muscles of 75-year-old lifelong exercisers were about the same as the muscles of the 25-year-olds in the study!

How much exercise are these lifelong exercisers getting?

The average amount of exercise reported by the study participants was five days a week, for about seven hours in total.

Does this mean you can’t benefit from exercise if you didn’t start decades ago? Not at all; just 30-45 minutes of low-impact exercise each day will lead to a much healthier life even if you have no history of working out.

“If you want to put 30 to 45 minutes of walking in one day, the amount of health benefit you are going to get from that is going to be significant and substantial,” Trappe said. “Will it equal the person training for competitive performances? No. But, it will outdo the couch potato. In basic terms, 30 to 45 minutes of any type of exercise a day is beneficial.”

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