The core is the center of the body and supports everything above and below it, as well as the spine. It is comprised of three main muscle groups: the abdominals, the obliques (sides) and the back, and these muscles provide the strength needed to hold the body upright and move around.

Unlike the legs and arms, these muscle groups are rarely strengthened during everyday activities and can become quite weak if they don’t get consciously exercised.

A Strong Core Means Less Back Pain

TeeterBell Multi-Grip Weight & Functional Fitness Workout DVDIf the core muscles are weak, your body has to work harder to support the spine and keep the body upright. This can lead to painful spasms and tension which prevents the core muscles from being able to properly support the spine. Even if you don’t personally suffer from back pain right now, studies show that weak core muscles increase the risk of developing lower back pain down the road.

A strong core, on the other hand, increases the stability of the spine and decreases the risk of back injuries and pain. Core stabilization exercises have proven to be the most effective type of physical therapy for reduction in low back pain. That is the reason why developed products such as the Core Restore and TeeterBell.

Core Strengthening Exercises

Core muscles tend to weaken naturally as we age, which is why it’s important to specifically target those muscles during our workouts.

Adding some core strengthening exercises to your daily routine can help diminish achiness and discomfort in your lower back and make it easier to maintain good posture.

Teeter partnered with Corrective Exercise Specialist Josh Lewis to develop a core strengthening routine designed to build support and stability around the spine and reduce or prevent back pain. 

Watch the video below for 7 core strengthening exercises to add to your workout routine:

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