Whether you’re visiting family, cruising Route 66 or exploring Europe, traveling is an exciting experience. However, those who suffer from back pain know that pain-free travel by plane, train or car can be challenging to achieve. Follow these simple travel tips to keep back pain at bay and stay energized on-the-go:

pain-free travel

Stay Mobile

Long flights, endless car rides and other kinds of travel likely leave you sitting for long periods of time. Take every opportunity you can to get up and move around. Movement helps prevent swelling in your feet and increases your energy.

If you’re unable to stand up and take a walk, do some seated stretching and exercise. Rotate and bend your upper body, do leg extensions and ankle circles, scrunch and release your toes, and shrug your shoulders. When you do get a chance to move around, don’t forget to massage any sore muscles. Compact and portable self-massage tools like the T3 Massager are a quick and easy way to get the blood flowing and release tension for pain-free travel.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Ideal travel shoes offer a good amount of support for long periods on your feet, yet slip on and off easily so you can get comfortable while seated and you don’t have to strain your back as you make your way through airport security. Don’t forget to wear socks! Not only will they prevent chaffing, but you (and others around you) will want them on during your shuffle through the security line.

Watch Your Posture

Airplane seats aren’t known for their comfort and back support. Take advantage of any provided pillows and blankets, placing them behind your back to support your spine in good posture.

A portable cushion like the Better Back Core Restore is a versatile lumbar support option for travel, plus you can sit on it to help activate the core and even use it for workouts at your destination. Inflate or deflate the Core Restore for firmer or softer support.

Stretch and Decompress

When you are in your hotel room or guest bedroom, be sure to stretch before bed and when you wake up. Even better, decompress your spine using the P2 Back Stretcher.

Thanks to its compact, light-weight design, the P2 is the perfect travel solution for those who love the stretch they get with their Teeter Inversion Table.

Alleviate Achy Muscles & Joints

For fast-acting, natural relief of achy muscles and joints, consider carrying a cream such as reNew Muscles. Traveling, especially when confined in a seat for longer flights and drives, can cause aches all over your body. Carrying a cream or roll-on with you or keeping one by your bed lets you quickly relieve those aches and get back to enjoying your trip.

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