Tim Ferriss, host of Tim Ferriss Show Podcast and New York Times Best-Selling Author of The 4-Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans, is dubbed “the human guinea pig” for his self-experimentation utilizing the methods and strategies of world-class performers.

For years, Tim Ferriss has been using Teeter inversion products to decompress after working out, improve his quality of sleep, and loosen up his joints and muscles in the morning.

He learned the importance of daily decompression using inversion from Jerzy Gregorek – a world record holder in Olympic weightlifting. During an interview on the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast a few years ago, Gregorek told Ferriss he considers hanging upside down mandatory after load-bearing training sessions to maintain his flexibility, boost recovery and prevent injury.

In true Tim Ferriss fashion, he immediately started inverting with Teeter Gravity Boots to experience the benefits of decompression for himself – and it’s been an integral part of his daily routine ever since. Tim has since started using the Teeter Inversion Table and recently talked about his experience on The Tim Ferriss Show podcast.

Listen to the episode where Tim talks about his love of inversion and Teeter:

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Top 3 Reasons Tim Ferriss Uses Teeter

1. To “win” the day

Tim inverts on his Teeter as a part of his “morning ritual” to loosen up his joints and muscles and go into the day with his back free of pain and body feeling its best.

2. Post-workout recovery

Decompressing after working out is essential for Tim, especially if there was weight-lifting involved. Hanging upside down stretches and elongates the body, boosting the healing process and flushing toxins out of tense, tired muscles.

3. Better sleep

A lifelong insomniac, Tim credits inverting on a Teeter as being one of the select few solutions that have helped him fall asleep faster and improve his quality of sleep. Decompression has been shown to relieve stress and tension in as little as 10 seconds, which makes it a great way to unwind and relax before bed.

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