“I’ve suffered from several back injuries over the years (bulging discs) from jiujitsu and working out. One of the things that has helped me a lot is using one of those Teeter Inversion Tables…I strap my ankles into this thing and I hang upside down – it’s a great way to decompress your back and get rid of pain.” – Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan has been talking about the benefits of spinal decompression for years.

Like many people, Joe “tried everything” to find back pain relief before turning to inversion therapy. Amazed by the results, he now uses inversion as a part of his daily routine to maintain a healthy spine and active lifestyle without pain.

Listen to his recent endorsement of Teeter on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode “JRE MMA Show #27 with Robin Black,” along with his previous mentions of Teeter inversion products and/or spinal decompression over the years.

As a side note, Jesse Ventura is a HUGE fan of Teeter – just listen to his enthusiasm as he explains how the Teeter Inversion Table relieves his pain!

Warning: This content occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children).

Play Joe Rogan endorsement on JRE MMA Show #27 with Robin Black:

Top 3 Reasons Joe Rogan Uses Teeter

1. To decompress the spine

Joe inverts on his Teeter daily to relieve pressure on his discs and surrounding nerves, stretch and loosen up supporting muscles and keep his back and joints feeling great.

2. Post-workout recovery

Hanging upside down after working out is essential for Joe. This reverse stretch elongates the body to take the load off the joints, helping to undo damage that compressive workouts can cause and flushing waste (which causes soreness) out of tense, tired muscles.

3. To keep up his lifestyle and hobbies

Practicing jiu-jitsu is one of Joe’s favorite pastimes. In the past, his back injuries and joint pain have restricted his ability to enjoy doing what he loves. Using his Teeter Inversion Table has kept Joe feeling loose and flexible so he can stay actively engaged in life and sports.


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