We all know that Teeter creates top of the line, high performance, medical-quality products. But when professional sports teams and their trainers started asking for something bigger and better, we put our skills to the test and built some of our best inversion tables and other fitness products yet, specifically for them! These tougher, fitness-focused training tools aid athletes in strength training and advanced stretching to prevent back muscle pain; perfect for the needs of a professional athlete’s body.

Teeter is helping pro athletes and their trainers achieve personal and team fitness goals throughout the sporting world, from local and national basketball, football and baseball leagues, to collegiate all-stars and even Olympic athletes! Our products can be found in routines for pre-season conditioning, mid-season maintenance, and off-season rehabilitation.

Who uses Teeter inversion?

  • NBA, NFL and MLB Teams
  • PGA Golfers
  • Professional Cyclists
  • Extreme Sports Pros
  • Olympic and Collegiate Athletes
  • U.S. Army Soldiers

How Athletes Are Using Teeter Inversion Equipment

Decompressing and training with Teeter inversion equipment can help the athlete stretch, relax and realign for improved flexibility and agility, mitigate compression fatigue in all weight-bearing joints, and provide an ideal platform for building core strength.

Pre-season, strength and conditioning coaches guide their athletes through inversion prior to strength training and for workout cool-down.

During the season, athletic trainers are incorporating inversion into players’ treatment protocols to address back injuries, muscle strains and help recover from highly compressive activities.

In the off-season, countless athletes rely on their own inversion equipment at home to help maintain their flexibility and mobility and remain primed for future workouts.

“Just want to let you know how much my players, staff, and management benefited from using the Teeter DEX and Inversion Table. You can imagine the amount of spinal compression that professional basketball players are subjected to, and low-back pain is a constant malady. With occasional use of either one or both, we have greatly reduced our low-back problems. Thanks again for making these items available to us.”

Gary Briggs ATC, LAT, PES, CES, IMT
Head Athletic Trainer, Utah Jazz


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