Chances are, if you invert every day during your first 30 days of owning a Teeter, you may notice a change in your stature. You’ll probably find that you’re standing taller and that your body has begun to fight back from the long-term effects of gravity.

We encourage you to test this just to find out how much your posture improves and your waistline slims down!

Before starting inversion therapy on your Teeter, record your height and waist measurement. After inverting daily for 30 days, take another set of measurements and see proof of how much you improved!

The vertebrae in your spine are cushioned by fluid-filled, sponge-like discs. They act as shock absorbers to protect the spine from wear and tear. Unfortunately, daily activities and the compressive force of gravity causes the discs to compress and squeeze out moisture. Over a lifetime of compression, your body will experience permanent height loss. This contributes to lack of flexibility and mobility, which translates to a larger waistline due to a sedentary lifestyle.

These body shape changes can be seen on a daily basis as well — have you ever noticed that you have to adjust your rear-view mirror up in the morning and then down at night? Studies show that on average, you may experience a daily height loss of up to 1/2″ to 3/4″!

Discs are able to recover at night, but not 100%. A study by Nachemson found evidence of this as they measured patients’ internal disc pressure in the 3rd lumbar disc. Lying down only relieved 75% of the spinal pressure in the patients! The musculature in the lower back continues to hold the spine in compression even while lying down to rest. The study found that all pressure on the spine was relieved only while inverting at a 60-degree angle!

While just 30 days of inversion cannot reverse a lifetime of compression, you’re taking the right steps to improve your level of functional fitness. Done regularly, inversion is a natural, simple activity that can help you combat compression by gravity… and the resulting daily and lifelong body shape changes!

Did You Notice an Improvement in Your Posture?

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