The Better Back Neck Restore is one of our newest accessories, designed to be used with the Teeter or as a stand-alone therapy device to relieve stress and tension in the neck. 

Stress, anxiety, or poor posture can all contribute to a literal pain in the neck. Compound that by long work hours at a desk or uncomfortable commutes in the car, and you have a formula for chronic neck issues and headaches.

Stop this cycle of discomfort with the Teeter Neck Restore by relieving symptoms at the source. Simply place it at the base of your head/top of your cervical spine while lying on a flat surface or on your Teeter Inversion Table. This applies firm, yet comfortable pressure to loosen tight, sore muscles and adds gentle traction to relieve pressure.

The Neck Restore has a steel roller bearing system in its base that allows it to rotate, allowing you to angle the pressure just where you need it. Simply tilt the head side-to-side to rotate the Neck Restore and find just the right position to reach trouble areas, applying variable pressure like a massage.

Pro tip – Leave your durable rubber insert in the freezer for a few minutes before using to add cooling relief to inflamed muscles!


Find Relief with the Teeter Neck Restore

The perfect way to target neck tension and enhance relief.
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