One of the easiest ways to blast away excess fat and burn calories quickly is with cross training. Workouts with cross training combine multiple methods of exercise, like strength training and cardio, to get a full body workout.

Whether your fitness goal is building strength, losing weight, or improving mobility, the Teeter FreeStepTM has you covered. With a FreeStepTM workout, you don’t have to worry about switching cardio or strength training machines, swapping out weights, or choosing from a plethora of fitness equipment. Its just one machine in your own home with maximum workout efficiency.

Unlike other recumbent machines, the FreeStep recumbent cross trainer combines the upper and lower body into one impact-free motion. This dual power motion is easier on the joints than typical cardio machines. Therefore, it has the ability to target various muscle groups for strength and conditioning. As a result, the FreeStepTM provides excellent cross-training workouts for both leg and arm strength. By incorporating both leg and arm strength, muscle exertion is evenly distributed throughout the body. Therefore, you can work out longer without getting tired.

Study Shows FreeStep Burns More Calories Than Recumbent Bikes

A recent comparison study1 showed that FreeStep participants burned 17.4% MORE CALORIES than a recumbent cardio bike at the SAME LEVEL OF EXERTION! As a result, you can burn the same amount of calories in 5.8 workouts on the FreeStep than you could in 7 workouts on a recumbent bike!

Aside from burning more calories in less time, here are five more benefits of a full body workout:

  • Improves cardiovascular health, making your heart and lungs stronger

  • Incorporating arm strength makes it easier for those with knee and joint issues

  • Builds strength and muscle endurance more efficiently

  • Offers plenty of variety and customization

  • Work your upper and lower body AND get your cardio fix all-in-one

Watch the video below to see the FreeStep in action!

The FreeStep is comfortable and works both my upper and lower body. I can consistently use it for 1 hour each day.

Lynn S.

At Teeter, it’s our mission to make fitness and recovery easy and comfortable for all ages and fitness levels. That’s why we designed the Teeter FreeStep – a stress-free zero impact home exercise machine.

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The Most Effective Low-Impact Workout

Unlike other recumbent options, the Teeter FreeStep™ provides an effective full body workout. By combining the upper and lower body into one impact-free motion, it is easier on the joints than typical cardio machines. So you can get an amazing workout, without the pain.
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