You run for your heart and lift weights to define and tone muscles, but what are you doing for your joints? Cardio and strength training are only 2/3 of a complete workout! Teeter offers a 3-5 minute stretching solution that not only elongates muscles but decompresses all weight-bearing joints. Stretching on your Teeter Inversion Table before your workout lowers your risk of injury and stretching after your workout assists with recovery and decreases muscle soreness.

Prepare the Body for a Workout

    • Improve Athletic Performance: Inverted decompression and stretching with Teeter encourages alignment in the weight-bearing skeleton. Proper alignment leads to good balance, posture and symmetry.
    • Reduce Chance for Injury: Tight muscles or stiff joints can also cause imbalances, which can result in improper body mechanics and an increased likelihood of injury. Inverted decompression after warming-up muscles provides a natural stretch that gently elongates muscles, promoting flexibility and enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of exercise.
    • Prepare Joints for Impact Activities: Decompression aids in joint lubrication by altering the pressure and suction forces within the joint, helping to stimulate the synovial fluid that nourishes the cartilage.
    • Improve Joint Resiliency: Regular loading and mobilization of the ligaments and tendons increases the collagen content of the tissue for better joint support.

Renew and Rejuvenate the Body After a Workout

    • Restore: Just a few minutes of decompression after high-impact or compressive activities helps to lengthen muscles and restore moisture and nutrient content to the soft tissue of the joints, increasing overall flexibility and shock absorption.
    • Repair: Inversion increases the space between the vertebrae and reduces intervertebral disc pressure, which helps to hydrate the disc and restore nutrients. Healthier discs can lead to healthier nerve roots, improved joint mobility and relief of back pain.
    • Recover: Inversion stimulates lymph and blood flow to remove the lactic acid and cellular debris that are a result of a strenuous workout, thus reducing soreness in muscles and making room for new growth.

Improve Overall Fitness

More than just a standard workout, Teeter offers joint decompression. Decompression supports healthy joints by:

    • Enhancing cartilage nutrition and joint lubrication: Decompression aids in joint lubrication by altering the pressure and suction forces within the joint, helping to stimulate the synovial fluid that nourishes cartilage.
    • Improving joint flexibility & range of motion: The restored moisture in the soft tissue promotes the longevity of joint performance.
    • Strengthening ligaments: Loading ligaments naturally helps increase the collagen for better joint support and injury prevention.
    • Improving shock absorption: Hydrated joints offer better cushioning.
    • Encouraging proper posture and body symmetry: Inversion therapy on a Teeter encourages realignment of the spine, which helps correct posture.
    • Developing balance awareness: Occurs when the upper regions of the inner ear are stimulated.
Teeter Inversion is a leader in the industry, setting quality standards for inversion equipment. Teeter Inversion tables are the ONLY brand that is both UL safety certified and 510(k) registered with the FDA.
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