If you suffer from arthritis, you know how difficult it can be to maintain an active lifestyle. Pain, stiffness, and fatigue are common symptoms that lead people to quit working out altogether thinking that exercise will only make the pain worse. But one of the most important things to do when you have arthritis is to keep moving. If preventative action is not taken to fight back against arthritis and maintain the body’s muscle mass and range of motion, it will begin to reduce the body’s ability to function normally.

Even if all you can do in a day is move your arms and legs slowly, it will get the blood flowing and allow your joints to loosen up, often relieving some of the discomfort and pain while also lifting your mood and energy.

When you exercise with arthritis, you’re being proactive in preventing the condition from worsening to the point where you’re incapable of performing daily routine tasks on your own.

The more you move (without putting stress on the skeletal frame or overdoing it), the better the body and muscles feel. Regular joint-friendly exercise can not only improve your arthritis pain but your functional movement and quality of life as well.

How to Exercise with Arthritis

With arthritis, it’s best to start slow and work your way up to the recommended amount of daily exercise for a healthy adult (30 minutes, 5 times a week).

Try starting with two 5 or 10-minute sessions of low-impact exercise each day. Of course, you can do more if you’re feeling up to it, but it’s important not to push your body to do more than it can handle.

A combination of joint-friendly cardio and strength training is optimal to keep your heart and lungs healthy, while also maintaining muscle mass and range of motion.

The Teeter FreeStep™ Recumbent Cross Trainer is a great low-impact option for people with arthritis because it offers both cardio and strength training with a unique pedal motion designed to protect the knees. This seated exercise takes the pressure of your own bodyweight off the joints, and the naturally reclined seat back helps stabilize the back and hips.

With the FreeStep, you have complete control over the intensity of the workout, allowing you to do only what you feel capable of on that day, and adjusting the resistance as you start to feel stronger.

Check out some of the reviews from customers who use the FreeStep to combat their arthritis symptoms and maintain the strength and flexibility to live their best life.

“This Free Step by Teeter is even better then I could of hoped for. It was fairly easy to assemble. The footprint is small so that made it easy to keep it in same place although it is not hard to move if needed. This machine is perfect for my arthritic knees and it gives you a choice of how easy or difficult you want to exercise. I would say anyone still undecided if they should purchase this to just do it! You won’t be disappointed. I showed my physical therapist the details of this machine and she was quite impressed! And you cannot beat the price. I had an inversion table by Teeter so I know they make quality products.”


“I love this machine! Bought in Feb 2019 and it has changed my life. I have horrible arthritis in my knees. I can use this everyday!”

Mighty Girl

“I have had arthritic knees for many years which has curtailed walking for exercise. In the last year the condition has become more severe. I was considering knee surgery and was sent to rehab before possible surgery. I have difficulty doing a full rotation on a bike type exercise machine. There was a machine quite similar to the Teeter Freestep. Exercise on this machine was comfortable. I decided against surgery and searched for a similar machine. The type I used at rehab were around $6,000. Then I came across the Teeter on an Amazon search and ordered it through the Teeter online site. I started using it for 5 minutes per day the first of Jan and have no problems using it. I will start using it 10 minutes a day starting the 13th. I enjoy using it as it does not put so much strain on my knees. I am very satisfied with my purchase.”


“This is perfect for my 60 year mother to get some low-impact exercise. This is the only machine she has found that does not bother the arthritis in her knees and feet.


Why is the FreeStep the ideal solution for staying active with arthritis?Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

  • Takes the pressure off the knees, joints, and back;
  • Combines cardio and resistance training into one convenient home-use machine;
  • Delivers a FULL-BODY, zero-impact workout;
  • Strengthens the leg muscles while also stabilizing the hips and back to help improve balance with patented stride technology;
  • More affordable than similar commercial equipment (or potential medical costs);
  • Reduces the risk of falling with comfortably seated exercise.

In a recent Consumer Perception Study, 97% of participants said the FreeStep delivers gentle, low-impact exercise for the knees and back, and 93% said the FreeStep delivers less stress on the knees and back than other cardio options, making it the optimal choice for those looking for zero-impact cardio and strength training.

Are you ready to take control of your health?

When you order the FreeStep, getting started is easy – you’ll receive an illustrated exercise guide that shows you how to easily target the upper and lower body or work on interval training to boost muscle growth.

Remember, you should always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

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