There are many benefits to using a recumbent cross trainer: getting a full body workout, little to no impact on knees and joints and it makes working out easier (compared to running or biking outdoors).

The Teeter FreeStepTM and the Octane Fitness xR4x® are both designed to offer you a way to exercise without putting any strain on your back, knees and joints. Both machines combine lower and upper body movement simultaneously to reduce loads on joints while distributing muscle exertion throughout the body. Compared to a recumbent bike, this actually results in a higher caloric burn. Does that mean that picking any recumbent cross trainer will work for you? Not at all!

Here is a look at how the new Teeter FreeStepTM improves on the benefits of well-known machines such as the xR4x. By comparing the two, we hope to help you choose a machine you and your wallet will be happy with:


The FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer lets you switch up parts of your workout by adjusting the handles to 8 different positions. This allows you to target and strength-train various muscles in the arms, chest, and back. This is not possible with the xR4x handles.

Price & Money Back Guarantee

With a retail price of $2,899.00, the xR4x costs more than four times that of the $749.99 FreeStep, despite being their entry-level model. Octane Fitness charges an additional $100 to ship their xR4x and charges a 30% restocking fee ($869.70) on returns within their 30-day window. This means you can purchase a FreeStep for less than the cost of returning an xR4x. Not to mention, Teeter exercise equipment ships FREE and has a 60-day Money Back Guarantee with no restocking fees.


Investing in home cardio equipment is often a significant financial decision. It can be helpful to split the cost into smaller payments, ideally without interest being added. The Teeter FreeStep is offered with easy ficancing as low as $66 a month**! That way you can get started today and pay the rest many calorie-burning days later. At this time, Octane Fitness does not offer financing or multi-pay options for their products.

FreeStepTMOctane xR4x


Shipping CostFREE$100
Product Weight110 lb196 lb
Footpint54" x 38"53" x 38"
Money Back Guarantee60 Days30 Days + 30% fee
Multi-Pay Option12 x $66**
Patented Stride Technology
Muscle Targeting
Protects Knees & Joints
Upper & Lower Body Workout
Adjustable Seat & HandlesSeat Only
Magnetic Resistance

Benefits of Magnetic Resistance:

• Whisper-quiet and smooth operation
• Reliable with little-to-no maintenance ever needed
• A wider range of resistance settings to make your workout more challenging over time
• Intensity controlled with one simple dial

While most magnetic resistance machines tend to be the more expensive options, the FreeStep was designed to offer all the same benefits at a more affordable price.

At Teeter, it’s our mission to make fitness and recovery easy and comfortable for all ages and fitness levels, that’s why we designed the Teeter FreeStepTM to be the best workout machine for knees and joints.

The comfortable and naturally-reclined seated position reduces body fatigue and eliminates the stress on your joints and back while the unique pedal motion and synchronized handles deliver a full fat-burning cardio workout.

Click below to learn more about the unique features and benefits of the FreeStepTM that you won’t find with any other home cardio options.


Exercise Now. Pay Later.

Now you can try the Teeter FreeStep in your own home FREE for 30-Days, 0% APR* with Affirm.

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