Massage Roller Ball


Recovery Journey:

The second stage of the recovery journey focuses on improving muscle and myofascial health.

Portable, Deep Tissue Self-Massage Tool

The Teeter Massage Roller Ball offers multi-directional therapeutic self-massage for reduced stress, relief of sore muscles and improved recovery. Maximum control allows you to alternate pressure from a gentle massage to deep tissue release of painful trigger points to help prepare the body for movement, minimize muscular imbalances, and improve overall flexibility.

Easy to use, its ergonomic, comfortable rubber grip allows targeted pressure without hand fatigue, making it ideal for both self or partner massage. Use with oil or lotions to enhance relaxation and pain relief benefits.

At just 2.5 inches tall, its compact size means you can take the Massage Roller Ball with you to the office, gym or on the road for relief anytime you need it.  Ideal for professional or home use, the Massage Roller Ball includes a user guide developed in partnership with a CPT/Corrective Exercise Specialist.



Relieve Pain, Stress, and Fatigue – The therapeutic Massage Roller Ball provides multi-directional 360° relief with a smooth, gliding action that is friction-free and doesn’t pull on your skin for maximum comfort.

Improve Overall Muscle & Fascia Health – An invaluable tool in your myofascial release regimen, the Massage Roller ball allows you to apply firm pressure to smaller, tighter spots, helping to minimize imbalances, improve flexibility, and accelerate recovery. Combine with decompression therapy to enhance muscle recovery benefits.

Targeted Intensity – Ideal for practically all areas of the body, including back, shoulders, arms, legs and feet, you can perform gentle massage across large muscle groups or focus on painful knots or trigger points. Place against the wall or floor for added intensity.


Ergonomic Grip – Sized to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand with a rubber sleeve on the base for easy application of pressure for self massage or with a partner without sore fingers and wrists.

Compact & Portable – At just 2.5 in. tall and 2 in. wide, it’s small enough to slip into a purse, gym bag, or carry-on for stress relief on-the-go!

Long-Lasting Performance – Available in three color trim options (blue/green/orange), the durable design features a resin roller ball inset in a thermoplastic, latex-free rubber base with no small parts to wear down over time.

User Guide – Comes with detailed photo instructions developed in partnership with a CPT/Corrective Exercise Specialist.

The Journey to Recovery

Stage 2: Improve muscle and myofascial health

Chronically tight muscles and knots don’t release easily – they need help with the right tools. Muscles need to expand and contract fully for proper circulation and the flow of nutrients that is vital for flushing pain-causing waste out of the muscles. Muscle rolling, self-massage and myofascial release tools help prepare the body for movement, accelerate recovery, minimize muscular imbalances and improve overall flexibility. Most importantly, taking care of our muscles and fascia allows us to enhance the benefits of decompression for better overall results in your pain recovery.




Teeter is fueled by the passion of one man who turned his own struggles with back pain into a life-changing solution for millions of people worldwide. Since 1981, Roger Teeter has fulfilled a mission to produce the best inversion tables in the business, with premium components and innovative design features that are a cut above the rest. The same uncompromising quality standards that have made a name for Teeter Inversion Tables are applied throughout the entire line of functional fitness and recovery solutions.

Teeter products are truly built for the benefits, designed to help you to Feel better, Move better and Live better®. Trust Teeter for a better back, better body.

Additional Information


Product Weight:0.4 lb. (0.18 kg)
Package Dims:2.75 in. x 2.75 in. x 2.75 in.
6.9 cm x 6.9 cm x 6.9 cm
Item Number:

Green Trim – MB1003

Blue Trim – MB1004

Orange Trim – MB1005


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