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A few years ago, Bob N. from Raleigh, NC wrote about his dramatic results
after only 30 days of using the Teeter:

“I have seen a 1/2 inch gain in height, 3/4 inch reduction in waist size, a dramatic reduction in muscle tension in the upper body, a dramatic reduction in lower back pain, and a dramatic increase in golf ball distance – 25 yards on drives! I turn 60 next Tuesday and I am playing more enjoyable golf and feeling better physically than I have in more than a decade.”

We caught up with Bob again this year to hear about Teeter’s long-term impact on his back and his golf game – his response might shock you.

Golfers Use Teeter,
Increase Drive Distance by 10%

A study conducted by GolfTest USA shows exactly how important back and core health are to your golf swing. The FlightScope Prime Launch Monitor measured golfer performance before and after using a Teeter Inversion Table for 30 days. After what ended up being the most comprehensive test in their 12 year history, GolfTest USA’s Wayne Williams concluded that, “Teeter is a great product for golfers who want to improve their flexibility and enjoy the game of golf more,” awarding Teeter their prestigious 5-Star Rating and Seal Of Excellence.

Increased Drive Distance

participants averaged 130.6 yards
pre-trial to 143.7 yards post-trial – a 10% increase!

Better Scores

Participants recorded an average of 3 fewer strokes per round (over 5 rounds)

Faster Driver, Club and Ball Speed

Participants clocked measurable increases in swing speed and power on the ball

Improved Accuracy

Participants averaged a whopping 16% reduction in dispersion

Note that participants may or may not have had pre-existing back or joint issues. They were selected only on the basis that they play golf regularly and were willing to participate in the product trial.
“I am 50 years old and I live a very active lifestyle - I play golf, lift weights, try to live like I'm 30, so that comes at a price, soreness. With the Teeter, I am able to recover from heavy weight training much quicker, my golf swing has improved due to the flexibility I have been able to achieve, stress levels can be lowered immediately, man I could go on and on. I tell everyone I talk to everyone from my lifting buddies to my golf friends about my Teeter.” -- Tommy C., Miami, FL

A Better Back Means Better Performance

Back pain can wreak havoc on your swing mechanics and overall enjoyment of the game. Players with chronic back pain (often due to compression or rotation fatigue) tend to lose flexibility and range of motion, which shortens swing rotation and reduces power on the ball. Not to mention, who wants to walk a full 18 holes when your back is screaming?

Don’t just cover up the symptoms, target the source of your ache! Inverted decompression gently elongates the spine to help reduce painful pressure on nerves, rejuvenate the discs and relax tense, tired muscles. And it just takes a few minutes a day on a Teeter.

Less pressure, less pain. A study1 showed that pressure inside the disc could be reduced to at or near zero by applying a traction force equal to about 60% of your body weight – which is roughly equivalent to 60 degrees of inversion on a Teeter. Using a Teeter is a gentle, passive way to target pain at the source and care for weight-bearing joints.

10 seconds to relieve tension. One study² demonstrated an incredible 35% decline in EMG levels (an indicator of muscle pain) within the first ten seconds of inversion. Using a Teeter provides a natural stretch that gently elongates muscles to help reduce pain and improve mobility and flexibility.


1Nachemson, A and Elfstrom, G: Intravital Dynamic Pressure Measurements in Lumbar Discs.  Scandinavian Journal of Rehab Medicine, supplement, 1970.
2Nosse, L.:  Inverted Spinal Traction.  Arch Phys Med Rehabil 59: 367-370, Aug 78.

60° on a Teeter = Zero Disc Pressure

“My back feels better.”
“I can turn freely.”
“I have less stiffness in my lower back.”
“Better flexibility, balance, and coordination.”

– reported by GolfTest USA Study Participants

After 30 days using the Teeter and 5 rounds of golf, 100% of GolfTest USA study participants indicated reduced pain in the neck, shoulder and back areas and highly recommended the Teeter:
(1-10 scale, with 10 being the highest)

Why Golfers Need a Strong Core —
and How to Get One.

The weakest part of most golfers’ bodies is the part they engage the most – the core. Your core is your power center. A strong center is key to not only improving your golf game, but helping to prevent back injury.

A powerful swing generates a lot of force through nearly every joint in your body, and especially the back. Yet the lower back, or lumbar spine, is not designed for a lot of rotation. So the more stability you can achieve for your low back, the more you can optimize your swing.

60 degrees to improve muscle mass. An 8-week low back pain study3 compared treatment in supine (0 degrees) and inverted positions (30 and 60 degrees). While both inverted angles proved more beneficial to patients than just lying down, a routine program of inverting to 60 degrees produced the most effective results in not only reducing back pain, stiffness and flexibility… but also improving muscle mass in the lower back area.


Work your core without the pain. While many Teeter users simply enjoy relaxing at any angle between 0-60 degrees, over half use the Teeter while full inverted (90 degrees). The Teeter easily and securely locks-out so you can stretch while fully upside down and even challenge your core with inverted crunches or sit-ups – the BEST way to work your core because there’s no uncomfortable loads on your back.

3“The effect of inversion traction on pain sensation, lumbar flexibility and trunk muscles strength in patients with chronic low back pain Inversion: a pilot randomized trial. Kim, et al. Department of Exercise Physiology and Prescription, Graduate School of Health Promotion, Hanseo University, Seosan, Korea.”

It's Easy to Do!

Set your height. Lock in. Recline and relax.

Getting relief could not be easier! Simple arm movements shift your body weight so you control your rotation and angle. The greater the angle, the greater the stretch!
Get results in just MINUTES… A DAY – without pills, surgery or even breaking a sweat!

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