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About Teeter


Career opportunities with Teeter. Read More

FDA Cleared

A 2016 review of new information and studies resulted in FDA clearance for an expanded list of back pain conditions for which the Teeter is indicated and broadened the classification to a range of Teeter decompression devices. Read More

Media Relations

Teeter has been a part of many news programs and features showing exactly how inversion therapy can help to relieve your back pain. Teeter inversion tables produce results that are newsworthy. Read More

Recovery Journey

Teeter products help you achieve REAL, SUSTAINABLE results through each stage of your recovery and beyond. Read More

Roger’s Story

Learn about Roger Teeter and his personal journey with back pain. Read More


Relieve your back pain and inspire healthy choices for an active lifestyle with the FREE TeeterLink App. Read More

The Teeter Difference

Learn how Teeter sets the standard for quality products and great user experience. Read More