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Roger’s Story2019-02-20T10:58:48-08:00

Roger’s Story

My wife and I started Teeter in my forties as a result of my own journey to find relief from back pain.

At the time, I was designing water skis and competing at a national level, though my back pain was so severe that I was forced to wear a steel reinforced lace-up brace every time I skied. Through other competitive skiers, I was introduced to Gravity Boots to help relieve lower back pain and for the first time I was pain free. The relief was not just the result of silencing symptoms; inversion therapy was actually targeting the source of the ache. As an engineer, I knew I found my calling — to design and manufacture inversion equipment, like our Teeter Inversion Tables, so that more people could take control of their health and find natural, sustainable relief.

As I’ve aged, I have enjoyed the other benefits of inversion.

When you invert, you are not just helping the joints that ache, you are helping to maintain the health of all weight-bearing joints. I have been able to achieve what I call “functional fitness”–the ability to remain flexible and active. I am now in my seventies and I enjoy cycling, running, waterskiing, and experimenting with new activities like tow-in surfing and boogie-boarding the white water of the Zambezi. Since 1981, inversion has been my work passion. Today, I am fortunate to have turned over the day-to-day running of the business to my daughter, Rylie, and her husband, Chris, and I get to focus on being the “face” of Teeter! I love talking to people about our products and how they too can find relief.

Inversion has changed my life and I believe it will change yours.

I encourage you to learn about our Recovery Journey. If you’re in Stage 1, consider our 30-day trial of the Teeter FitSpine and FEEL the benefits for yourself. We offer a 30-day, 100% product cost refund. If you aren’t sold on the benefits of inversion, just send it back.

Yours in Health,

Roger Teeter
President and Founder, Teeter