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Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-14T15:09:51-07:00

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers.

Click on your question below to expand for more information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we welcome your call or email. Teeter customer service can be reached at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F). To order, call 800.939.4921 (24/7).

How do I submit a review or product testimonial?2019-04-11T12:02:21-07:00

Follow this link to select your model of Teeter Inversion Table and write a review! You can even upload a photo or video.

What should I know about your company?2019-10-30T10:35:59-07:00

Teeter is the only company to continuously manufacture inversion equipment since 1981. Teeter is the inversion market leader, the premier brand of quality inversion products for home, clinical and commercial fitness use.

Teeter is a family run business. Roger and Jennifer Teeter grew the business for nearly three decades before turning over day-to-day operations to their daughter, Rylie Teeter Leier, who has honored their work ethic and tenacity by making Teeter a household name and continuing to instill the highest of quality standards on the production line.

Teeter corporate offices are located in Bonney Lake in Washington State, about 30 minutes east of Tacoma and 40 minutes south of Seattle. An amazing view of Mount Rainier right outside our windows reminds us how lucky we are to live in the Northwest.

Are Teeter Products FDA Registered?2019-01-02T09:25:26-08:00

Yes! All Teeter Decompression Devices are FDA Registered.
Teeter has had FDA classification for decades, but after a thorough review by the FDA in 2016, we are now indicated for an expanded list of common back pain conditions including:

  • Back pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal degenerative joint disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal curvature due to tight muscles
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle spasm
  • Facet syndrome

To review FDA clearance documentation, click here.

Who is Roger Teeter?2018-01-16T09:27:40-08:00

Teeter was founded in 1981 by Roger Teeter and his wife Jennifer, who have invested much of their lives educating people around the world about the benefits of inversion therapy.Roger first heard about inversion at a water ski tournament. At the time, he was suffering from severe back problems resulting from an auto accident and the toll of water skiing professionally. On worst mornings, Roger would have to crawl to the bathroom to run hot water over his back so that he could function throughout the day. He also wore a large brace with metal rods to support his back every time he skied for 5 years! Roger finally discovered that by inverting, he was able to relieve his back pain and begin the road to recovery.

Roger benefited so much from inversion therapy that he decided to start a company dedicated to manufacturing high quality inversion products. Sky’s the Limit (STL) entered the inversion market in 1981 with Hang Ups brand gravity boots and inversion tables, now widely known as Teeter. For over 35 years, Teeter has been widely recognized as the leader, innovator and quality pioneer within the inversion equipment market.

Roger Teeter is a graduate engineer of the University of Wisconsin. He has over 50 years of experience in the development of fitness and sports equipment. In addition to inversion products, he has led the company in over 200 projects to develop new products for other companies including many medical and dental items. Roger was recently recognized by the American Water Ski Education Foundation for his pioneering design contributions.

Where is your company located?2019-10-30T10:34:26-07:00

Teeter’s corporate headquarters is located in Bonney Lake, Washington.

How does Teeter.com offer a more accessible experience?2019-04-11T12:04:35-07:00

Teeter is committed to making teeter.com a more inclusive experience for every visitor, including those with visual impairments or similar disabilities. Our design and development team have worked hard to make navigating the website as easy as possible, and continue to monitor and improve so that guests can more easily use the site with assistive technology.

If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website, please feel free to call us at (800) 847-0143 and we will work with you to provide the information, item, or transaction you seek through a communication method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law. If we are unable to resolve your issue by phone, please email us at [email protected] so that we may continue to assist you in gathering information and transacting business through our website.

Where are your products manufactured?2018-01-16T09:27:43-08:00

Products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to the highest quality standards. Teeter continually works to maintain solid and long-term relationships with its factories.

What are your customer service hours?2018-01-16T09:27:44-08:00

Teeter customer service can be reached at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F)

How do I get featured as a success story on your website?2018-01-16T09:27:53-08:00

To submit a success story, visit this page.

Where can I find your products locally?2018-01-16T09:27:40-08:00

Please go to our store locator which is located at the top of the page, it will guide you to the nearest dealer in your area!

I can’t find a Teeter dealer near me – what should I do?2018-01-16T09:27:41-08:00

Please call customer service for further assistance. Call 800.939.4921 (24/7) to talk with a sales agent. If you have any other questions, please call, email, or chat with Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our product experts will be happy to assist you.

What is the difference from buying from Teeter directly versus a store or online?2018-05-10T11:44:26-07:00

By ordering direct, you receive added value for your purchase (bonus accessories and guide). Plus, Teeter is able to offer multi-pay options, a price match and 60-day money back guarantee and 4-5 business day delivery! In addition, you’ll be enrolled in our 30-Days to a Better Back email series for added guidance during your first few weeks using the equipment.

Do you have authorized dealers in my country?2020-05-15T14:31:29-07:00

Shipments outside of the U.S. require additional shipping costs, duties and taxes, therefore Teeter is not able to take orders for international delivery through this website. If you would like a shipping quote for international delivery, please contact Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F).

If you are in Canada, you can locate a retailer in your area or visit Teetertv.ca

How do I become an international distributor?2020-05-15T14:27:03-07:00

If you are located outside of the United States or Canada, and you would like to place an order or have questions about an offer on Teeter.com, please call, email, or chat with Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our product experts will be happy to assist you.

Why do international prices differ from U.S. prices?2019-04-11T12:11:04-07:00

International prices differ from U.S. prices due to shipping fees, import duties, currency fluctuations, and other issues associated with international trade.

Who can answer my questions?2018-01-16T09:27:42-08:00