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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers.

Click on your question below to expand for more information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we welcome your call or email. Teeter customer service can be reached at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F). To order, call 800.939.4921 (24/7).

How do I submit a review or product testimonial?2019-04-11T12:02:21-07:00

Follow this link to select your model of Teeter Inversion Table and write a review! You can even upload a photo or video.

Is this a secure website?2018-01-16T09:27:39-08:00 is an SSL certified website that enables an encrypted connection for data sent to and from the website such as your credit card number, name, address and other sensitive information.  It also certifies that is actually who we claim to be and operated by its true owners.  This can be seen by the lock symbol displayed in your browser. Teeter takes steps beyond this by integrating the Norton Shopping Guarantee which independently guarantees the shopping experience for total peace of mind over your purchase.

Can I finance my purchase?2019-11-06T13:23:30-08:00

Yes, Teeter has partnered with Affirm to allow you to pay for your purchase with simple monthly installments. Find out if you prequalify in seconds and choose the plan that works best for you. All plans feature easy online payments and no prepayment fees. At checkout, choose the “Pay Over Time” payment option to get started.

Aren’t all inversion tables the same?2019-04-11T11:41:16-07:00

If two inversion tables look similar, they must be the same…right? In side by side comparisons of inversion tables, consumers may have a difficult time identifying the differences between Teeter and competing brands in regards to materials and features that are vital to their security and product longevity. What factors make Teeter the best choice for you and your family?

There are currently no adequate government regulations to effectively oversee the structural integrity or reliable function of inversion tables. Consumers have the daunting task of sorting through options and selecting the best inversion table, a confusing process because many manufacturers use terms like “safe” and “heavy duty” without substantiation. Below is how Teeter validates our quality claims and what you must consider before buying an inversion table:

Certification Marks:

Underwriter’s Laboratories, a renowned independent product safety certification organization, has introduced safety testing and certification requirements specifically for inversion tables in UL 1647. Currently, Teeter offers the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications, which test the unique function of the inversion table and simulate “real world” use.

Top Ratings in Comparison Studies:

In engineering reviews comparing competing brands of inversion tables, Teeter was rated Number 1 across all categories of evaluation:

  • Static Load Test – How much weight the inversion table holds.
  • Functional Endurance Test – How many times the table cycles from upright to inverted and returning upright again.
  • Ease of Assembly – Time from opening the box to the product being operational.
  • Ease of Rotation – Required effort to balance and cycle the inversion table.
  • Ease of Lockout In Full Inversion – Required effort to fully invert and have the table lock in to that position.

In fact, during these tests that simulated actual use, all four competing brands experienced catastrophic failure resulting from torn or broken metal at 12% or less of the UL 1647 standard of 30,000 cycles. Teeter remained structurally sound for over 27 years, exceeding the cycles standard by 133% before the test was stopped for time.

Specialized & Patented Features

One inversion table may look the same as the next, but buyer beware–looks may be deceiving. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user protection and reliable function. Teeter inversion tables offer more specialized features than any other home-use model including auto-locking hinges to prevent accidental separation of the bed from the base during stretching or exercise, special squeak-free roller bearings and the ability to customize your inversion experience with accessories. Teeter uses proper welding methods as opposed to cheaper spot welding commonly used by competing models. High stress points on the equipment are reinforced with heat-treated steel, resulting in better durability and security for the user.

No Skimping

Be wary of lighter weight inversion tables – less weight often equates to less steel. Components made from thinner tubing, cheaper materials and with less of a support structure may look fine, but may be shortcuts that compromise quality and user security. Bulky inversion tables can also be deceiving – features like padded bed frames or tube diameter can weigh more, but that increase in bulk doesn’t equate to a stronger table or better engineering. Teeter Inversion Tables stand apart from others in the marketplace because we understand the essential engineering needed to make a truly exceptional inversion table. We put extra steel in the key components where it matters!


Teeter inversion tables feature a base to height stability ratio 20% greater than other competing models, on average. The smaller the ratio, the greater the risk of product instability. Teeter’s tapered A-frame design and corner feet not only look good, but provide a reassuring foundation whether you’re doing sit ups, stretching or oscillation.

Manufacturing Experience

Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment, building a reputation for incomparable quality standards, testing and marketing efforts. With the passion that comes from his own recovery credited to inversion, Roger Teeter has built a company where excellent customer service and quality are paramount. You can put your trust in the experience behind Teeter, the most enduring brand of home-use inversion products on the market.

Built for the Benefits

Our engineers consult with doctors, chiropractors, athletes, independent engineers, and consumers to ensure that our inversion tables withstand the scrutiny of the most discriminating users. Over the years, Teeter inversion tables have benefited from over 100 design evolutions to improve ease of use and achieve better results. The introduction of our patented Flex Technology design featured on the EP and Contour-Series is just one example – the flexible bed moves with you, accommodating stretching for greater range of motion to promote realignment and relax muscles. The ComforTrak bed design accommodates our Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge accessories which provide our customer with a customized inversion experience. Precision balancing allows the table to rotate without over-acceleration and respond to simple arm movements for smooth oscillation, which encourages fluid exchange in the discs and joint soft tissue.

What should I know about your company?2019-10-30T10:35:59-07:00

Teeter is the only company to continuously manufacture inversion equipment since 1981. Teeter is the inversion market leader, the premier brand of quality inversion products for home, clinical and commercial fitness use.

Teeter is a family run business. Roger and Jennifer Teeter grew the business for nearly three decades before turning over day-to-day operations to their daughter, Rylie Teeter Leier, who has honored their work ethic and tenacity by making Teeter a household name and continuing to instill the highest of quality standards on the production line.

Teeter corporate offices are located in Bonney Lake in Washington State, about 30 minutes east of Tacoma and 40 minutes south of Seattle. An amazing view of Mount Rainier right outside our windows reminds us how lucky we are to live in the Northwest.

Are Teeter Products FDA Registered?2019-01-02T09:25:26-08:00

Yes! All Teeter Decompression Devices are FDA Registered.
Teeter has had FDA classification for decades, but after a thorough review by the FDA in 2016, we are now indicated for an expanded list of common back pain conditions including:

  • Back pain
  • Muscle tension
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Spinal degenerative joint disease
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal curvature due to tight muscles
  • Sciatica
  • Muscle spasm
  • Facet syndrome

To review FDA clearance documentation, click here.

Who is Roger Teeter?2018-01-16T09:27:40-08:00

Teeter was founded in 1981 by Roger Teeter and his wife Jennifer, who have invested much of their lives educating people around the world about the benefits of inversion therapy.Roger first heard about inversion at a water ski tournament. At the time, he was suffering from severe back problems resulting from an auto accident and the toll of water skiing professionally. On worst mornings, Roger would have to crawl to the bathroom to run hot water over his back so that he could function throughout the day. He also wore a large brace with metal rods to support his back every time he skied for 5 years! Roger finally discovered that by inverting, he was able to relieve his back pain and begin the road to recovery.

Roger benefited so much from inversion therapy that he decided to start a company dedicated to manufacturing high quality inversion products. Sky’s the Limit (STL) entered the inversion market in 1981 with Hang Ups brand gravity boots and inversion tables, now widely known as Teeter. For over 35 years, Teeter has been widely recognized as the leader, innovator and quality pioneer within the inversion equipment market.

Roger Teeter is a graduate engineer of the University of Wisconsin. He has over 50 years of experience in the development of fitness and sports equipment. In addition to inversion products, he has led the company in over 200 projects to develop new products for other companies including many medical and dental items. Roger was recently recognized by the American Water Ski Education Foundation for his pioneering design contributions.

Where is your company located?2019-10-30T10:34:26-07:00

Teeter’s corporate headquarters is located in Bonney Lake, Washington.

How does offer a more accessible experience?2019-04-11T12:04:35-07:00

Teeter is committed to making a more inclusive experience for every visitor, including those with visual impairments or similar disabilities. Our design and development team have worked hard to make navigating the website as easy as possible, and continue to monitor and improve so that guests can more easily use the site with assistive technology.

If you have difficulty using or accessing any element of this website, please feel free to call us at (800) 847-0143 and we will work with you to provide the information, item, or transaction you seek through a communication method that is accessible for you consistent with applicable law. If we are unable to resolve your issue by phone, please email us at [email protected] so that we may continue to assist you in gathering information and transacting business through our website.

Who can answer my questions?2018-01-16T09:27:42-08:00

To place an order or inquire about our special offer, call 800.939.4921 (24/7) to talk with a sales agent. If you have any other questions, please call, email, or chat with Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our product experts will be happy to assist you.

Do you offer a Money-Back Guarantee?2019-11-06T13:24:11-08:00

If you’re not completely satisfied with how effective Teeter Can be at helping to relieve your pain, we’ll buy it back, guaranteed! Teeter offers a 60-day return guarantee (from the date item is received) to return the product for a full refund (less return shipping). Once the complete and undamaged item is successfully returned to the warehouse, you will have no further payment obligation. For more information, refer to our Return Policy. Please follow the Return Procedure included in the box with your inversion table

Where are your products manufactured?2018-01-16T09:27:43-08:00

Products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to the highest quality standards. Teeter continually works to maintain solid and long-term relationships with its factories.

Can you ship to a PO Box or APO?2019-04-11T11:45:36-07:00

We’re sorry, our shipping services require a physical address, so we are unable to fulfill orders to PO Boxes or APO addresses.

What are your customer service hours?2018-01-16T09:27:44-08:00

Teeter customer service can be reached at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F)

Can you ship to Canada/Internationally?2018-01-16T09:27:44-08:00

Shipments outside of the U.S. require additional shipping costs, duties and taxes, therefore Teeter is not able to take orders for international delivery through this website. If you would like a shipping quote for international delivery, please contact Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F).

If you are in Canada, you can locate a retailer in your area or visit

If you are located in other parts of the world, please contact our international distributor for more information.

Can Teeter products be used or stored outside?2018-01-16T09:27:44-08:00

They can be used outside but outside storage can cause product damage and voids the warranty.

What are the height and weight ratings for the Teeter Inversion Table?2019-12-02T08:24:17-08:00

All Teeter Inversion Tables are rated for users between 4’8″-6’6″ and up to 300 lb.

How do the payments work?2019-11-06T13:28:00-08:00

Teeter has partnered with Affirm to give you a simple way to make your purchase with no hidden fees. To see when your payments are due, sign in to your Affirm account and navigate to your loan details. You can expect your first monthly payment to be due about one month after we process your loan. Each following payment will be due a month later on the same day of the month.

How Does Teeter’s 30-Day Price Match Guarantee Work?2019-11-06T13:28:33-08:00

If at any time within 30 days of placing your order, you find the same, new-condition model advertised in print or online by a Teeter authorized dealer for a lower price, send Teeter customer service a copy of the ad (dated and published within 30 days of placing your order) and we will refund you the difference!
100% customer satisfaction is our goal and we hope it shows in our responsive customer service as well as the quality of our products. If you require assistance with using the product or need warranty service, please contact Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.

Effective for orders placed on or after June 1st, 2016.

Are there options for those who exceed the height and/or weight limit?2018-01-16T09:27:46-08:00

Currently, Teeter is not carrying inversion products that exceed a 300 lb/6’6″ rating. Please contact Teeter customer service for alternative options.

Does the Teeter Inversion Table fold for storage?2018-01-16T09:27:46-08:00

Yes, no disassembly required! Storage dimensions are 20″ x 29″ x 66″.

How much space will I need?2018-09-26T08:59:56-07:00

The fully assembled dimensions are as follows:

FitSpine LX9: 61” x 28” x 57”
FitSpine X3: 58” x 29” x 61”
Hang Ups EP-560: 60” x 29” x 59”

The largest footprints (set at the tallest height setting of 6’6”) are:

FitSpine LX9: 82” x 28” x 87”
FitSpine X3: 81” x 29” x 87”
Hang Ups EP-560: 87” x 29” x 85”

You will need to ensure adequate clearance for the ceiling, furniture, and bystanders.

How much does the inversion table weigh?2018-09-26T09:00:25-07:00

Our Inversion Tables are sturdy, well-built pieces of equipment constructed of heavy-duty steel. The FitSpine LX9 weighs 73.6 lb, the FitSpine X3 weighs 65.80 lb, and the Hang Ups EP-560 weighs 58.6 lb.
You may need some help with the box initially, but once the equipment is assembled and folded for storage, the inversion table is easier to transport.

Have questions about the use of your inversion table?2018-01-16T09:27:47-08:00

1. Be sure you read the Owner’s Manual that comes attached to your Teeter, which offers very helpful and important instructions on how to adjust and use the inversion table properly.

2. Watch the Instructional DVD, which not only walks you through adjusting and using the inversion table, but also demonstrates what you can do while inverted.

3. Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions about inversion under “Product Use” along the top of this page.

4. Call Teeter customer service or click “Let’s Chat” on the lower right of your screen (during business hours) we’re happy to help! 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F).

When will I feel benefits?2018-01-16T09:27:47-08:00

Some may feel the benefits right away, some over a period of 2-3 weeks of routine use. The key is getting your body to relax and release, which may take some time until you become comfortable with inverting.

Will I get dizzy?2018-01-16T09:27:48-08:00

The sensation of blood rushing to your head will ease as you get used to inverting. You can prevent dizziness upon rotating upright if you pause just above horizontal to allow your body to re-adjust.

Do I have to invert to a full 90 degrees to get the full benefits?2019-04-11T12:23:16-07:00

No! Benefits start at a mild angle of 20 degrees. To fully decompress the spine, work up to 60 degrees (the angle of the rear legs). The Angle Tether allows the user to easily pre-set the angle of inversion so you never go farther than you want. It’s interesting to note, however, that over half of all Teeter customers do routinely fully invert (“lock-out” at 90 degrees) because they like the way it feels and enjoy the added freedom of movement for stretching and exercise.

What do I do upside down?2018-01-16T09:27:49-08:00

Many people simply kick back and relax. Others incorporate movement and stretching to maximize the benefits. Some even exercise to strengthen the core and legs. The Instructional DVD and Healthy Back Routines will show you how!

How often should I invert?2018-01-16T09:27:49-08:00

Frequency is more important than duration. We recommend inverting several times a day. Inversion is great for waking-up, recovering after a workout, or de-stressing before bed.

How long should I invert?2018-01-16T09:27:49-08:00

Several minutes is all most people need to fully decompress. Listen to your body.

Are there health issues that would prevent me from inverting?2018-01-16T09:27:50-08:00

Practically anyone can benefit from using a Teeter on a regular basis. Most normally healthy individuals are able to invert. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and refer to the contraindications list below.

Conditions applying to inversion devices (also included in the product Owner’s Manual)

DO NOT use until approved by a licensed physician. Inversion is contraindicated in any medical or health condition that may be made more severe by an elevation of blood pressure, intracranial pressure or mechanical stress of the inverted position, or that may impact your ability to operate the equipment. This may include injury or illness, but also the side effects of any drug or supplement (prescribed or over-the-counter). Specific conditions may include, but not be limited to:

  • Any condition, neurological or otherwise, which results in unexplained tingling, weakness or neuropathy, seizure, sleep disorder, lightheadedness, dizziness, disorientation, or fatigue, or impacts strength, mobility, alertness, or cognitive ability;
  • Any brain condition, such as trauma, history of intracranial bleed, history or risk of TIA or stroke, or severe headaches;
  • Any condition of the heart or circulatory system, such as high blood pressure, hypertension, increased risk of stroke, or use of anticoagulants (including high doses of aspirin);
  • Any bone, skeletal or spinal cord condition or injury, such as significant spinal curvature, acutely swollen joints, osteoporosis, fractures, dislocations, medullary pins or surgically implanted orthopedic supports;
  • Any eye, ear, nasal or balance condition, such as trauma, history of retinal detachment, glaucoma, optic hypertension, chronic sinusitis, middle or inner ear disease, motion sickness, or vertigo;
  • Any digestive or internal condition, such as severe acid reflux, hiatal or other hernia, gallbladder or kidney disease;
  • Any condition for which exercise is specifically directed, limited or prohibited by a physician, such as pregnancy, obesity, or recent surgery.
How does it work?2018-01-16T09:27:50-08:00

Inverting with a Teeter allows you to target back pain at the source naturally, using your body weight and gravity to elongate and relax tense muscles while decompressing your spine and weight-bearing joints.

What other Teeter products or accessories are available?2018-01-16T09:27:51-08:00

Teeter manufactures a wide variety of inversion options and accessories. Visit to learn more. To take advantage of our special TV offer, you will need to order through or by calling 800.939.4921 (24/7).

What is the Premium Extended Full Warranty?2018-01-16T09:27:51-08:00

The Premium Extended Full Warranty extends to the purchaser an additional 5 years of product warranty coverage beyond Teeter’s standard Full 5-Year Warranty. The Premium Extended Full Warranty is available to add on to your order today, or may be purchased at any time within the standard warranty period, but coverage under the extended warranty will terminate 10 years from the original invoice date for the initial equipment purchase. For specific terms of the product warranty, click here or request a copy by contacting Teeter Customer Service at 800-847-0143 or email [email protected].

Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?2018-02-05T14:49:42-08:00

Yes! A $200 Flat Rate Shipping is applied to orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii.

How easy is the Teeter Inversion Table to assemble? Is there a service that can do it for me?2019-12-06T11:08:18-08:00

Teeter Inversion Tables arrive nearly 80% pre-assembled, unlike other brands which require assembly of nearly every part. All tools required for assembly are included. Total time should take only 20-30 minutes. Following along with the printed Assembly Instructions, included Getting Started DVD and/or the free BILT app with interactive 3-D assembly instructions (just search ‘Teeter’ in the app)!

The Teeter FreeStep arrives in a large box – that’s because main component (the base with the internal fly wheel) arrives mostly pre-assembled! All tools required for assembly are included. Total time should take about 30 minutes with 2 people. Follow along with the printed Assembly Instructions, stream the Getting Started Video on our website and/or use the free BILT app with interactive 3-D assembly instructions (just search ‘FreeStep’ in the app)!
If you require assistance, you can easily hire a local pro through Amazon Home Services! Rates vary by location, but you can get an estimate by following the links below. All you need is a (free) Amazon account to get started:
How do I get parts?2018-01-16T09:27:52-08:00

If your Teeter is still under warranty, call customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm, M-F) to order replacement parts.

Does Teeter charge sales tax?2019-06-07T08:19:47-07:00

Taxes are collected per individual state law requirements.

How do I get featured as a success story on your website?2018-01-16T09:27:53-08:00

To submit a success story, visit this page.

Are the product manuals available online?2018-01-18T08:43:39-08:00

Yes, you can download the Assembly Instructions and Owner’s Manual from our website.

After I submit my order, how soon will I receive the product?2019-04-11T12:23:48-07:00

Shipping typically takes 7-10 days.

What are my payment options?2019-11-06T13:29:00-08:00

You can either pay the full price of the item or opt for monthly payments with Affirm. Paypal is available with all pay in full orders. If you would like to purchase your table with a HSA/FSA card, you can visit If you have further questions, contact customer service.

How do I receive my warranty service?2018-01-16T09:27:54-08:00

Should you require replacement parts, please complete the online parts request form. You can also call Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143(8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.

What information will I need to supply Teeter if I have a problem?2019-04-11T12:06:13-07:00

It is always easier to assist you if you have your table model and serial number when calling Customer Service.

How come this website won’t accept my credit card?2018-01-16T09:27:55-08:00

If you have selected the trial or multiple payment option, it may be that your credit card expires before the end of the payment period OR that you are attempting to use a prepaid credit card. You can either try a different credit card or select the full payment option.

Does insurance cover or can I pay with my HSA/FSA account?2019-10-01T15:13:52-07:00

Teeter is the only inversion table registered with the FDA as a 510(k) Medical Device and may qualify as an HSA or FSA medical expense if approved by your plan administrator. We make it easy to pay with your HSA or FSA card – just visit to order!

Some insurance companies may cover it with a doctor’s recommendation. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to see what options they have available. We do not bill insurance directly.

How do I register for my warranty?2018-01-16T09:27:56-08:00

To register your warranty, please complete the online warranty registration form.

Where do I find the serial number on my equipment?2018-01-16T09:27:56-08:00

Your serial number is conveniently located on the back of the table frame.

Will I receive a bill in the mail?2019-04-11T12:26:28-07:00

No, you will receive a copy of your order via email.

What is the warranty on blemished products?2018-01-16T09:27:57-08:00

All of our blemished goods carry the same warranty as their first-quality counterparts. Blemished inversion tables carry full 5 year warranty.

Can I cancel my order?2018-01-16T09:27:57-08:00

Once your order is placed, it cannot be canceled. Priority processing is part of your order today and once your order is placed, it is being processed for shipping and on-time delivery.

What should I do if I experience ankle discomfort?2018-01-16T09:27:58-08:00

Because you are hanging by your ankles, you may experience some mild discomfort, especially after longer inversion sessions. Here are some tips for improving ankle comfort while inverted:

  • Proper Footwear: Make sure you wear socks with lace-up shoes – the material will provide added cushion and support for the ankles.
  • Cup Position: Rotate the rear ankle cups slightly downward before you secure the ankle lock system. As you invert, they will rotate to support the back of your heels.
  • Ankle Comfort Dial: Adjust the foot platform so that there is minimal space between the top of your foot and the platform. The less your body “shifts” when you invert, the better.
  • Proper Fit: Adjust the ankle lock system snug enough so you’re secure, but don’t clamp it super tight – this will restrict blood flow and cause discomfort.
  • Change It Up: Try oscillation and intermittent traction. It may take days or even weeks to get comfortable with inversion, but you will soon adapt to the feeling.

Most people find they are able to use the standard ankle system with success by following these tips; however, there is another option for people who need more support. Some Teeter inversion tables can be adapted for use with EZ-Up Gravity Boots. With soft foam liners and a flexible shell, the Gravity Boots wrap comfortably around the ankles for greater support during inversion.

How do I return my order?2019-11-06T13:29:29-08:00

100% customer satisfaction is our goal and we hope it shows in our responsive customer service as well as the quality of our products. If you require assistance with using the product or need warranty service, please contact Teeter customer service at 800.847.0143 (8am-4pm PST, M-F), and one of our customer care representatives will be happy to assist you.
However, if the Teeter Inversion Table simply doesn’t meet your needs, contact customer service and request a Return Authorization number within 30 days in order to avoid your first payment. Teeter offers a 60-day return guarantee (from the date item is received) to return the product for a full refund (less return shipping). Once the complete and undamaged item is successfully returned to the Teeter warehouse, you will have no further payment obligation. For more information, refer to Teeter’s Return Policy. Please follow the Return Procedure included in the box with your Teeter inversion table.

What is the product warranty?2018-01-16T09:27:58-08:00

The EP-560 Ltd. and EP-970 Ltd. are covered by a comprehensive Full 5-year warranty. You can view the warranty terms here. Aside from the warranty coverage period, the same terms apply to the Premium Extended Warranty Plan.

What should I know before starting to invert?2018-01-16T09:27:59-08:00

EVERYTHING you need to know is in the Owner’s Manual attached to your Teeter. It’s a must read before you get started!

The key to getting results is to start slowly – don’t do too much too soon! Set your angle tether to just 20-30 degrees and invert for only 1-2 minutes. Let your body get used to the feeling. Increase your time and angle gradually over a period of a few weeks.

Most users will find better results with shorter, more frequent sessions than longer sessions done infrequently.

How can I track the status of my order?2018-01-16T09:27:59-08:00

A confirmation of your order, which contains a shipment tracking number, will be emailed to you the day the product ships. Follow the status of your shipment at

I’m nervous about inverting – can you give me some tips?2018-01-16T09:28:00-08:00

Some people may be nervous about rotating upside down for the first time, but if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be a pro before you know it:

  • Pre-set the Angle: To begin, set your tether to a modest angle of 20-30 degrees so you know that the inversion table will stop rotation barely beyond horizontal. You can then focus on relaxing and adjusting to inversion.
  • Enlist a Spotter: Ask a friend to stand near the inversion table until you are comfortable with controlling its rotation.
  • Breathe: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to help your body relax. It may take a few inversion sessions before you are able to overcome your automatic “flight or fight” response – be patient and keep working at it. Getting your muscles to release is the only way you will begin to experience the benefits.
  • Listen to Your Body: Only do what is comfortable to you. Inversion is not a “no pain, no gain” activity. What works for others may not be ideal for you. If you feel you’ve had enough, return upright to rest.
  • Prevent Dizziness/Nausea: When returning upright, be sure to stop at the horizontal position (0 degrees) for 15-30 seconds or more. This allows your inner ear to readjust to being upright, and it also allows your back to “recompress” gently. Wait for a while after you’ve eaten before inverting.
  • Make Changes Gradually: Increase your angle and/or duration of inversion in small increments.
  • Do It Often! Inverting on a regular basis is how you will experience the most benefits.
Should I buy used Teeter equipment?2018-01-16T09:28:00-08:00

All refurbished tables are checked for quality. These tables only have cosmetic flaws such as scuffs and scratched but nothing that affects the integrity of the table.


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