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Back Pain Tracker & Inversion Guide – by Teeter®

Relieve your back pain and inspire healthy choices for an active lifestyle with TeeterLink, the only program that allows you to customize your inversion experience, track your pain levels and triggers, and make a plan for improvement! And best of all, it’s FREE.

Track use of the Teeter Inversion Table, including session length, frequency, and angle.

Track your pain levels (pre and post inversion) and triggers.

Set reminders/push notifications to use the Teeter.

Turn on optional voice prompts from Roger Teeter, offering guidance and tips to ensure the best experience.

Select from a playlist of relaxing tunes while inverting.

Explore the Discover feed, offering helpful product use tips and healthy lifestyle advice.

Gain easy access to product support, videos, and contact information.

Offer feedback, submit your own success story and join the Teeter community.


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This app is compatible with all models of Teeter Inversion Tables.

TeeterLink Terms of Service

Note: The information on this app is meant to be used only as a general guideline and may not be suitable for everyone. DO NOT use the Teeter Inversion Table before careful review of all product support information, including the Owner’s Manual, that accompanies the product. DO NOT use the Teeter Inversion Table without a licensed physician’s approval and careful review of contraindications. Visit our website and read the entire disclaimer before commencing with your Teeter fitness program.