Healthy Back & Core Guide

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Visual Guide for Enhanced Inversion

The Healthy Back and Core Guide is a full-color photo guide featuring 24 stretches and exercises to help you get the most out of your Teeter Inversion Table. Offering something for any level of inversion experience, the Healthy Back and Core Guide offers beginning stretches to help familiarize users with inversion therapy up to stretching and exercises in full inversion for the more advanced user.

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Progress Over Time – Developed by our health and fitness expert, the stretches and exercises are designed as a long-term therapy solution.

Learn to Relax – Improve your routine with the provided guidance and tips to enhance your inversion experience by relaxing strained and tense muscles.

Add Movement – Exercising while inverted can correct minor misalignments, rehydrate discs for greater shock absorption, and improve flexibility.

Strength Training – Use the advanced exercises to build core and leg muscle strength through the provided inverted exercises.

Healthy Back & Core Guide
Healthy Back & Core Guide


These benefits translate to overall improved performance, as indicated by a 2011 study in which avid golfers followed the Complete Core System for just thirty days and demonstrated improved results in key categories:

Distance – 100% of participants improved their total distance an average of 10%.

Strokes – 100% of participants averaged 3 fewer strokes per round.

Accuracy – 77% of participants averaged 16% better accuracy.

Ball Speed – 85% of participants clocked an increase in ball speed.

Swing Speed – 69% of participants increased driver speed, and 77% increased club speed.

Healthy Back & Core Guide


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Teeter is fueled by the passion of one man who turned his own struggles with back pain into a life-changing solution for millions of people worldwide. Since 1981, Roger Teeter has fulfilled a mission to produce the best inversion tables in the business, with premium components and innovative design features that are a cut above the rest. The same uncompromising quality standards that have made a name for Teeter Inversion Tables are applied throughout the entire line of functional fitness and recovery solutions.

Teeter products are truly built for the benefits, designed to help you to Feel better, Move better and Live better®. Trust Teeter for a better back, better body.


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