I have yet to meet a golfer that didn’t want to improve their game and lower their score. And I have yet to meet a golfer who didn’t complain of back pain. Most simply tough it out for the love of the game and continue their endless search for that elusive product that fulfills its promise of turning their bogeys into birdies.

But as longtime golfer and low back pain sufferer Henry puts it, “It’s not really the tools or toys that make the golfer, it’s having a body that will allow you to do what the golf clubs are intended to do.” The secret to Henry’s golf game is a stretch that he says helped him, “hit the ball longer, straighter, and with more ease and less pain than ever before.”

That secret is inverted decompression (inversion therapy), a form of stretching done with an inversion table that turns the user gently upside down, using gravity and their own body weight to elongate the body and provide a natural form of traction for all the weight-bearing joints. Opening up the space between the vertebrae takes the pressure off the discs and the nerve roots that exit the spine – less pressure means less pain.   

Now before you shake your head and move on to the next article, you should hear this: Golfers who used a Teeter Inversion Table for 30 days averaged 3 fewer strokes per round. Curious to learn more? I thought so.

Teeter Inversion Helps Real Golfers

With over 3 million users worldwide, Teeter Inversion Tables have a long, documented history of back pain relief and all of the benefits that go along with decompression like reduced muscle tension and improved flexibility. Teeter reached out to GolfTest USA to conduct a study with golfers to see if these benefits translated into a better game. The results left little doubt that a routine stretch on a Teeter could have dramatic results.

Golf Performance After Inversion

During the study, participants (averaging 65 years old) were surveyed and monitored before and after using a Teeter Inversion Table for 30 days. Using the FlightScope Prime Launch Monitor,  GolfTest USA measured performance in key factors:

  • DISTANCE – Study participants increased drive distance by 10%.
  • BALL SPEED – 85% of participants clocked an increase in post-impact ball speed.
  • DRIVER SWING SPEED – 69% of participants increased driver head speed.
  • CLUB SWING SPEED – 77% of participants increased club head speed

Perhaps the most dramatic improvement was to overall performance: Participants averaged 3 fewer strokes per round (multiple rounds compared pre- and post-study), which is the “Holy Grail for every golfer,” according to Wayne Williams of GolfTest USA. The “Consumer Reports” of the golf industry, GolfTest USA awarded Teeter their esteemed Seal of Excellence and 5-Star Rating.

GolfTest USA Teeter Results
Watch: Bob’s Golf Game and Family Life Has Improved Thanks to Teeter

Inversion Helps You Play Better and Live Better

By survey, study participants attributed their golf game improvement to becoming more flexible and limber as a result of using the Teeter Inversion Table, impacting their ability to follow through on the swing and have a greater fluidity to their movements.

Other positive effects noted by participants after using the Teeter Inversion Table for just 30 days were:

  • 19% reduction in back pain
  • 37% reduction in shoulder pain
  • 38% reduction in hip pain
  • 25% increase in flexibility

Other Users See Same Results

While the GolfTest USA showed impressive results, customers from all over the world have shared their own golf stories with Teeter over the years. Read what Bob and Tommy have to say about how the Teeter Inversion Table has helped improve their golf games.

“I have seen a 1/2 inch gain in height, 3/4 inch reduction in waist size, a dramatic reduction in muscle tension in the upper body, a dramatic reduction in lower back pain, and a dramatic increase in golf ball distance – 25 yards on drives! I turn 60 next Tuesday and I am playing more enjoyable golf and feeling better physically than I have in more than a decade.”  

– Bob N. from Raleigh, NC

“I am 50 years old and I live a very active lifestyle – I play golf, lift weights, try to live like I’m 30, so that comes at a price, soreness. With the Teeter, I am able to recover from heavy weight training much quicker, my golf swing has improved due to the flexibility I have been able to achieve, stress levels can be lowered immediately, man I could go on and on. I tell everyone I talk to everyone from my lifting buddies to my golf friends about my Teeter.”

– Tommy C., Miami, FL


While golfers will always search for the next best thing to improve their golf game, there’s no doubt that the Teeter Inversion Table can result in impressive gains. “One single product usually does not help a golfer improve their game to the degree that the Teeter did,” concluded Williams of GolfTest USA.

Are you curious about what a Teeter can do to help your golf game?

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