Health and Wellness Holiday Gift Guide 2018


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This year, forget the gift cards, wallets and wristwatches. Get something your loved one really needs – relief from all those aches and pains they have acquired over the years! When it comes to health & wellness, Teeter has the ultimate holiday gift guide no matter your budget.

Gifts Under $30

ReNew Muscle & Joint Pain Relieving Cream

The perfect stocking stuffer for those with sore and achy muscles. Made with natural emollients, ReNew cream moisturizes as it heals to leave skin soft, supple, and better looking than before.

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Massage Roller Ball

This easy-to-use, handheld massager features an ergonomic, comfortable rubber grip for targeted pressure without hand fatigue, making it ideal for self-massage or with a partner. Glides in all directions to reduce stress, relax sore muscles and boost recovery for maximum relief.

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holiday gift guideCore Restore

Let your loved ones soothe their tired, aching back with the Teeter Core Restore, a multi-functional lumbar support and core training tool designed to help relieve back pain by improving posture, muscle tone and coordination.

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Gifts Under $50

Neck Restore

With firm yet comfortable pressure, the Neck Restore provides support of the upper neck/cervical spine for gentle traction or decompression and self-administered suboccipital release, a technique to reduce tension in the supporting muscles. Can be used while lying on a flat surface OR while inverted on a Teeter Inversion Table!

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Teeter Massage Foam RollerMassage Foam Roller

For those who love fitness, foam rollers are the perfect tool to enhance performance and aid in recovery. The Teeter Massage Foam Roller delivers a deep tissue massage whenever you need it so you can erase muscle tension, boost recovery and improve flexibility of your back, hips and legs.

Shop Now – $29.99 – $34.99

Release Knots with T3 MassagerT3 Massager

Give your loved ones the gift of one of the most versatile massagers on the market and help prepare their muscles for the best results from exercise or decompression!. The Teeter T3 Massager provides countless of options for self-massage, trigger points therapy, myofascial release, stretching, and back stretching.

Shop Now – $39.99

Gifts Under $100

P2 Back Stretcher

Does your friend or family member love their Teeter Inversion Table but want a way to decompress at work or during travel? Lightweight and easy-to-use, the P2 is a simple, yet effective way to deliver user-controlled traction, decompressing the lower back to help relax tense muscles, reduce nerve pressure, and relieve the pain.

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Premium Gifts

EZ-Up Inversion & Chin-Up System

For those who need both pain relief and a challenging workout, the EZ-Up Inversion & Chin-Up System is the perfect solution. Aside from standard inverted decompression and stretching, this is an ideal platform for core strengthening, chin-ups, exercise band, and heavy bag workouts.

Shop Now – $179.99

Teeter Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-Stand Desk

Office ergonomics are vital for those working long hours at the office. This height-adjustable desk with side table and stool provides a comfortable work-space to sit, stand and keep moving throughout the day.

Shop Now – $249.99

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* Offer applies only to purchases of items listed in the Gift Guide. Does not apply toward inversion tables or outlet items.

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