There are four (4) User Settings on your Teeter that must be properly adjusted for your unique needs and body type. These settings include:

Roller Hinge settings – The Roller Hinges control the responsiveness or rate of rotation of the inversion table.

Main Shaft Settings – Once you find your ideal height setting for the Main Shaft, you will be able to rotate in a smooth action, not too fast, not too slow.

Pre-Set the Angle Tether – This sets the maximum angle at which you can invert. This helps you gradually work up to greater angles comfortably.

Ankle Comfort Dial – Once set, the Ankle Comfort Dial will reduce body slide on the Table Bed while inverted, which can cause a shift in weight distribution and interfere with the ease of which you can control your rotation.

Take time to find your ideal settings, you’ll definitely be rewarded with smooth rotation for a more relaxing, enjoyable experience!

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