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Try the FreeStep Interval Workout

Variety is the spice of life, as they say! At least it is in terms of exercise. The best way to see results using the FreeStep is to use it often – but if you’re using it the same way all the time, you’ll start to get bored and [...]

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How Teeter Employees Stay Healthy

We all know that working full time and spending time with family leaves little room for eating healthy and regular exercise. At Teeter corporate, we believe in the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Teeter team members work hard to help others to feel, move, and live better - but [...]

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5 Stretches to Do at Your Standing Desk

The sedentary lifestyle of working 8+ hours at a desk every day significantly increases your risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease, weak muscles and overcompensation. Overcompensation is when a strong muscle picks up the slack of a weak muscle and this will increase your chances of a strain-based injury. Sitting [...]

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5 Tips for Pain-Free Travel

Whether you're visiting family, cruising Route 66 or exploring Europe, traveling is an exciting experience. However, those who suffer from back pain know that pain-free travel by plane, train or car can be challenging to achieve. Follow these simple travel tips to keep back pain at bay and stay [...]

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Turn Your Yoga Upside Down for Back Pain Relief

Yoga is a great low-impact way to exercise for nearly everyone because its practice can be adapted for any skill and fitness level. Those who practice it on a regular basis can attest to its benefits, which are well-documented in studies, including improved flexibility, strength, balance and coordination, stress relief [...]

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Step up your game with an inversion workout

On June 15, just days after his team’s loss in the finals, LeBron James was “back at it” in the gym according to his Instagram post. What immediately caught our eye was his Teeter Inversion Table right there in the background! While we don’t have any official endorsement deal with [...]

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Runners: Prevent and Reduce Lower Back Pain

Inverted Decompression Advantages for Runners with Lower Back Pain Here’s some good news for you runners: researchers have discovered that lower back pain is less of an issue for athletes than those who aren’t active. In fact, when looking at runners in particular, studies have shown no connection between [...]

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How to Amp Up Your Golf Game with One Stretch

I have yet to meet a golfer that didn’t want to improve their game and lower their score. And I have yet to meet a golfer who didn’t complain of back pain. Most simply tough it out for the love of the game and continue their endless search for [...]

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FAQ Friday: How to Exercise on Your Teeter

One of our favorite things about what we get to do everyday at Teeter is talk to our customers! In this blog post, we explain why and how you should exercise on your Teeter. HOW TO EXERCISE ON YOUR TEETER With more than 3 million inversion table users in [...]

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