Teeter users now have the ability to not only relieve back pain, but also inspire healthy choices for an active lifestyle with the FREE TeeterLink app! Teeterlink is the ONLY program that allows Teeter users to customize their inversion experience, track pain levels and triggers, and make a plan for improvement! Compatible with all models of Teeter Inversion Tables and android/iPhone OS.

Teeter users can enhance their inversion experience and maximize TeeterLink capabilities with the TeeterLink Tracker – a wireless angle gauge tracker for feedback and tracking. The tracker syncs up to a mobile device for seamless integration with the TeeterLink app.

Customize Teeter to Your Unique Needs

Teeter has the most customizable Inversion Tables on the market. Choose from a wide selection to get relief wherever you have pain. The Neck Restore offers support for the upper neck/cervical spine for gentle traction or decompression. Want more comfort while inverting? The Comfort Cushion minimizes pressure points while inverting while allowing for body slide so your spine still provides maximum decompressive stretches. These are just a couple of our many accessories that can help your Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better! For more information, check them out here – Teeter Accessories.

Teeter Inversion is a leader in the industry, setting quality standards for inversion equipment. Teeter Inversion tables are the ONLY brand that is both UL safety certified and 510(k) registered with the FDA.
Teeter does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information