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Pro 10 COMPLETE Training Program
The ThunderBell Pro 10 Complete Training Program gives you the tool and the guidance you need to get the body you want. Jeremy Levine drew on his experience as a pro-athlete trainer and developer of the U.S. Navy SEALs Human Performance Program to create this functional training program that delivers total body fitness.
Sale Price: $99.00
MSRP: $180.00
Product Description
  • Cardio + Strength + Core in 1:  While ThunderBell achieves similar results as a typical cardio workout, it also adds strength training so you get a 2-in-1 workout that not only burns calories to trim fat fast, but tones and defines muscles. (POTENTRx Performance, Metabolic Analysis of the ThunderBell Level 2 Workout using ThunderBell Pro 10)
  • Total Body Results:  3-dimensional exercises target both major and support muscles, "going beyond simple free-weight exercises that isolate muscles," for balanced muscle development and increased strength.  (POTENTRx Performance, Biomechanical Analysis of Six ThunderBell Movements)
  • For All Fitness Levels:  By adjusting variables of speed, range of motion, rhythm and intensity, the ThunderBell workouts challenges any fitness level, meeting the broadest demands in strength, movement-based training and conditioning. Lighter Fit 6 and heavier  Extreme 15 options are also available.
  • Your Own Personal Trainer:  Get motivation and instruction by Jeremy Levine, top athlete fitness trainer and developer of the U.S. Navy SEALs Human Performance Program.  Jeremy's decade-plus research and development among the most elite fighting forces and athletes from around the world is the foundation of the ThunderBell Complete Training Program.
  • 3 DVDs with 10+ Workouts:  Follow Jeremy and his team as they demonstrate unique, challenging and fast-paced total body routines on 3 ThunderBell DVDs (Introduction: Training & Level 1, Advanced: Level 2, and Warrior: Level 3), taking you from the basics of one-on-one instruction through advanced workouts that will push your limits.
  • Bonus Core Routines: While the 3-dimensional movement patterns of the ThunderBell workouts already build core strength, you can ratchet up your core training intensity with the targeted ThunderBell Core and Core Advanced routines.
  • "No Ordinary Weight": Touted by Shape Magazine, the ThunderBell's patented 7-gripping points allow you to maintain calorie burning intensity and momentum while combining the benefits of the most time-proven fitness equipment like the dumbbell, barbell, Kettlebell and medicine ball into one - without ever having to set it down during your workout.
  • Ergonomic, Durable Design:  Performance engineered with contoured, chrome-plated steel for durability; embossed rubber traction grips and thermo-injection molded grip plates for a comfortable, secure hold.
  • Fitness & Nutrition Guides (download):  Designed to help you jump-start muscle building and burn fat, the ThunderBell Fitness and Nutrition Guides are a vital element to success with this program.